Big Cats of the Serengeti

On this extraordinary Big Animal Expedition, we will go beyond the vast herds of wildebeest and zebras. Together we will be in search of two of Africa’s large cats, the cheetah and lion. Our focal point on this expedition is the predation, birth and nursing cycles of these magnificent predators. To behold these sleek, graceful and incredibly powerful felines in their natural habitat is an experience not to be missed.

We will take a maximum of 6 individuals. Two guests each will be assigned to a vehicle which ensures maximum comfort, safety and the best opportunity to observe and photograph the limitless wild life on display. With only two people in each vehicle you will be able to move about freely. Your line of view and opportunity to photograph will not be hindered. We spend the majority of our time sitting and viewing the animals.

Our focus and purpose of this trip is the life cycle of the large cats of Africa. We will view these animals and their life cycle from birth to nursing and to predation. This will take place during the annual Great Migration which hosts an estimated one million antelope, mostly wildebeest, and over 500,000 zebras. Herds so massive they can be seen from space. These prey animals bring in the large cats and provide us opportunities to witness and photography the predators as they hunt. The cheetah, being the world’s fastest animal, is an incredible sight to witness and photograph.

Our base is Matembezi, a classic camping is a real out of Africa experience. A small and intimate camp with only 6 guest tents, it shifts each season following the great migration. The camp was expertly designed to strike a balance between light and mobile enough to reach the best and most secluded wildlife location, guaranteeing world class game viewing, and providing everything discerning travellers might expect.

Feb 18-25, 2018 – The Peak of the Migration

$9800 per person, double occupancy