Fabulous Family Affair

10 Day Exclusive Flying Safari

Borana Conservancy, Laikipia - Lengishu

Olderkesi Conservancy, Masai Mara - Cottar’s Bush Villa

Diani Beach, Kenyan Coast - Alfajiri Villas


• Experience three privately owned properties, while covering three very different,

but renowned ecosystems.

• Encounter the tribal inhabitants of the areas, whose authentic, traditional and

colorful tribal ways remain relatively untouched.

• On Borana Conservancy, enjoy uninterrupted game viewing and discover how

poachers are kept at bay by the Anti-poaching Team.

• On Olderkesi Conservancy, learn from the renowned guide, Calvin Cottar, about

the intricacies of the Mara ecosystem and the wildlife and people found therein.

• Considered the best beach in Kenya, Diani offers all of the activities of a beach

visit in the seclusion of a lavish, opulent private villa.

Days 1-3:  Arrive Nairobi, fly to Borana - 3 NIGHTS at Lengishu House

Days 3-6: Fly to the Masai Mara - 3 NIGHTS at Cottar’s Bush Villa

Days 6-9:  Fly to Ukunda, Diani - 3 NIGHTS at Alfajiri Villas

Day 10: Fly to Nairobi, transfer to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA)