Fossils, Lakes & Turtles - Live, Love, Learn

A Fascinating Safari of Conservation and Education - 12 days / 11 nights


* Lake turkana basin learning about one of the cradles of our modern day civilization, the Great Rift Valley lakes,

* Turtles! – supreme, unrivaled, unmatched safari of a life time!

* Exclusive planes and boats, exclusive experiences, exclusive destinations, exclusive guides,

* An adventure of a life time – helicopters, private planes, private homes, research centers, traditional luxury dhow

* Safe boats, good equipment, safe sailing, superb private plane or helicopter experiences

* ‘limited edition safari’ bringing life to the origins of mankind, the great rift valley and our seas

* Incredible experiences, phenomenal scientists, remarkable people, outstanding landscapes, unique history

* Fun: fossil hunting, hiking, walking, water skiing, wakeboarding, safari walks, snorkeling, fishing, camping out, sailing, diving, cultures (new and old)

* Exceptional team of scientists and paleontologists, experienced pilots and boat captains and crew, extraordinary histories and culture, expansive vistas


If you have ever wanted to see one of the cradles of our civilization, spend time with a member of the Leakey family, relax at the highest lake in Kenya’s Rift Valley steeped in family history, and enjoy the warm diverse and rich waters of the Indian Ocean, then this safari is perfect for you. This adventure includes a stimulating blend of activities, learnings, culture, paleontology, wildlife and environments, creating a safari you will never forget! It’s these types of experiences that last a lifetime.

This safari connects you to our human history, our waterways, to the seas with a rich trading history and marine world of the Lamu archipelago. It’s a safari full of superlatives – supreme, matchless, outstanding! By joining us on this safari you become part of our mission to create “a blue planet consciousness for wiser life choices and purposeful fun living’. You also directly contribute to the support of the Turkana Basin Institute and their community initiatives, and conservation and development projects along the Rift Valley lakes and the coast of Kenya, thank you.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1 - Arrive in Nairobi to Julie’s private home retreat with a beautiful wild garden and pool. and where you will meet Dr Louise Leakey.

Days 2-3 - Charter a plane to the Turkana basin where you’ll be able to access one of the cradles of our modern civilization. Spend time with the scientists who are uncovering insights into the lives of our ancestors and take some time to explore Lake Turkana.

Days 4-7:  Lake Naivasha where you will stay in julie’s Grandparents beautiful home surrounded by fig trees, a wonderful garden, wildlife and the lake Itself. Spend your time in, on and around the lake, water skiing, swimming or enjoying a boat ride within these waters. There is also plenty to do if you want to stay a little dryer with bicycles, hikes up Eburru mountain to understand the steam jets, sundowners on the back plain and a game of tennis or two.

Day 8:  Arrive in Lamu, meet the team, get to know the dhow and enjoy the first day and night in the Shela – Manda Area. Swim, water ski or throw a line out among the mangrove channels, walk the beach and end the day with tasty sundowners and alfresco dining on the deck of your very own mobile home – the beautiful dhow.

Day 9: Early departure and travel north towards Kiwayu. As the dhow is slow, the auxiliary boats go ahead for water skiing, snorkeling, fishing and/or cultural visits, then meet the dhow for lunch at an agreed location be it a sandbar, beautiful beach or back on the dhow.

Day 10:  Enjoy Kiwayu – walking the beach and/or dunes, meeting the local community who collect their water with donkeys from the only well on the island, get to know the coral reefs off the island and enjoy the beach where there are no other visitors. This is where Joy and George Adamson spent time with lions in the 1960’s and is also the origin of flip flop recycling project community. End your day with sundowners at Mike’s Camp.

Day 11: With the auxiliary boats (weather and tide dependent) visit Kui and Rubu islands. This is a wonderful adventure and takes you to some of the best turtle nesting sites in Kenya where you can watch the turtles feeding from the cliffs. There is also very good snorkeling at Kui and wonderful mangrove creeks to explore around Rubu islands. Ideally the dhow meets you in Kui for the night, but if not, come back to Kiwayu after an ocean filled day.

Day 12:  Head back to Lamu for your onward adventure. Jump aboard the auxiliary boat, snorkel off the southern end of Kiwayu – Shimo la Tewa,; fish and/or kayak among the mangroves and sandbars, visit Ndau island known for building some of the largest dhow/jehazis. Picnic en-route and onto your next adventure or enjoy a couple of nights at Peponi Hotel in Shela, Lamu to get to know the history of Lamu – Shela – Takwa.


Land - We hand select lodges and camps to meet any need and comfort level you have. We have the most fantastic teams to get you from one home to the next where you are greeted by people who love their jobs and have a passion for the surrounding environment. Stay in a 1 bed cottage, tree house or 4 bedroom house at Julie's own home with a wild garden and out stretched pool and have the whole house at lake Naivasha with its stunning garden and lakeside views. The Turkana Basin accommodation is a little more basic but the surrounding scenery is second to none.

Sea - Being on board your own traditional dhow, means you can travel from one island to another, fish and watch dolphins as you sail, and have the luxury of being a part of the ocean in different locations. It’s mobile camping in the sea, far from the madding crowd, with your own personal guide. It takes you back in time as you become part of the traditional way of travel on the Indian Ocean with the majestic triangular sail, enormous wooden boat as you carve your way through the channels.