Full Moon Feeding Frenzy

Earlier this year world famous adventurer and award winning wildlife photographer, Amos, lead a scouting trip off the coast of the Eastern-Central Pacific where he had a special opportunity to witness the effects of a natural phenomenon called upwelling — the process of upward movement to the ocean surface of nutrient-rich, deeper, colder waters.

What does this mean? It means that the added nutrients attract bait fish like sardines, lantern and anchovies, which in turn attract predators like super-pods of dolphins, whales, turtles, mobula ray, stingrays and more. The upwelling event I was first discovered by local fishermen who noticed the abundance of wildlife that congregated offshore when the moon is full.

Following their advice on timing, Amos and his crew went at the time they recommended and the trip was so amazing and productive that he’s planning to lead two expeditions in February and March 2020. Each expedition will be two weeks long, and he is only looking for four expert-level adventurers to join him on each very special trip. This will be a challenge, suited only for the most spirited adventurers, explorers, photographers, and cinematographers — but as you can see from the pictures, the rewards of these trips in terms of experience and photographic opportunity promise to be absolutely thrilling.


Day 1: Arrive San Jose and overnight on your own.

Days 2 –13: Domestic flight from San Jose to Drake bay and board the vessel. Board the vessel and we go out to sea for twelve full days daily search and swimming around bait balls with  rays, dolphins, whales and more. We will have plenty of water and lunch on board for you. Sea conditions are mostly calm to moderate.

Day 14: Disembark and transfer to the airport for the domestic flight to San Jose,  or extend your trip to visit the rain forest.

Day 15: Depart from San Jose

Feb 3-16, 2020
Mar 3-16, 2020

Price: $14,500 per person

Group size: 4

Photography Workshop

For those who are looking to improve their photography, Amos will lead this trip as a photo workshop—sharing his years of experience capturing fantastic images of wild animals in action.

In addition to this expedition, if you have time, he recommends spending an extra four days to see the rain forest.