Humpback Whales of Alaska

Join Nadia from Scuba Diver Life in Sitka, Alaska on board the M/V Northern Song. Witness humpback whales bubble-net feeding and lunge feeding right in front of your eyes. With a maximum size of 8 guests, the experiences are intimate and wild. Bring your drone, and capture it from the air! You will also see other wildlife, eagles, raptors, possible air tour, herring spawn/eggs, and of course the beautiful landscapes of Alaska!


Mar 27-Apr 4, 2021 - (1 spot left)

Price: $6460

Jul 23-30, 2021 - (5 spot left)

Price: $7130

The Trip:

In the calm, protected waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage you are outside on the front deck of a custom 80-foot private yacht enjoying the crisp fresh air of a sunshine-filled summer Alaskan morning, with a select small group of no more than seven other passengers. Snow-capped mountains form a perfect backdrop to the calm sea. The outside speaker crackles with the voice of Captain Dennis Rogers, “the depth sounder shows a large school of herring in the immediate area.” Chief researcher Dr. Adam Pack points out the herring “bubbling” at the surface and asks everyone to listen. As the water pops with herring, you hear a faint cry.

Herring leap into the air an attempt to escape, but most fall prey to the enormous leviathans. You have only a few moments to marvel at the choreography of the hunt before the whales begin to dive.
No special training or skills are required, only a hearty spirit and an interest in whale research and whale photography. Dr. Adam Pack has been researching whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals for over 25 years. He has published over 40 journal articles and scientific reports on marine mammals, and his scientific discoveries have been featured in newspapers, popular magazines, and television documentaries.