Kenya Family Ties

Family Ties is a tour in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB)

The One Horizon 2-day Family Ties cultural tour is a rare opportunity to visit families in their homes from two different Kenyan ethnic groups – the Maasai and the Kikuyu. You’ll also see how Kenyan families are merging their traditional culture with contemporary ways to build new, bright and sustainable futures. You’ll be warmly welcomed into a Maasai village and your hosts will show their age-old way of life and rites of passage. Then, while visiting a Kikuyu family, you’ll see how a farming enterprise assists grandmother-headed households provide food and financial support for the many generations they care for. This tour will give you deep insight into the customs and structures of rural Kenyan family life and the highlight is the genuine interaction you will experience by sharing stories and laughter.


We'll take you to two communities that travelers seldom visit and the highlight of Family Ties is the genuine interaction you will experience, the shared experiences you will uncover and the stories and laughter.     

Today you drive to an authentic Maasai village on the outskirts of Nairobi where you spend the day with the men, women and children, and one of the elders, Daniel, will take you on a tour to explain how the Maasai have managed these precious lands for centuries. Spend time with Maasai mothers and help them build a new manyatta – a traditional Maasai homestead, while Maasai warriors will teach ancient skills such as spear-throwing and how to use local plants to make medicinal remedies, and will invite you to join them as they herd their cattle. In the afternoon the women will share their stories as they help you make your own piece of traditional beautifully-crafted beaded Maasai jewelery. You will discover that they are just as interested in your life as you are in theirs, as you join in the singing and dancing, and share the humor and warm nature of the villagers.
* Trips may be extended to visit other villages and orphanages as part of your Kenya safari experience.