Survival Tonga

Desert Island Survival Tonga - 10 nights/11 days

It is a dream come to life, a postcard desert island that epitomizes the essence of pristine wilderness, making it an unrivaled choice for our authentic bushcraft adventure. Yes, this is a long way for most of you, but we are certain it is worth it for this exceptional castaway holiday. Arguably the world’s most pristine coral reefs fringe perfect white talc beaches, lapped by more shades of blue than we knew existed, encapsulating the quintessence of Tonga experiences.

Immerse yourself in a Polynesian adventure tour that’s more than just a holiday; it’s an unforgettable journey where you can live out your castaway fantasy in Tonga’s untouched paradise.

Your Tonga adventure is split into four parts: Arriving, Training phase, Survival Phase, and Celebrating.

Below is an example of an itinerary we usually follow. Although we aim to cover the entire curriculum, we also allow life on the island to unfold at nature’s pace, without rigidity. So, take it lightly!

Day 1: Arriving at Ha’pai: a tiny slither of a beautiful tropical island.

We meet at Ha’pai airport, walk around and have the last chance to buy last-minute items in the local shop. Go on a 20-minute speed boat to Kitesurf Tonga Resort in Uoleva, an expansive island with no shops or roads, just two basic resorts.

This day is for relaxation, snorkeling, swimming, beach games, volleyball, and sunset drinks. That evening you meet your instructor and receive your kit and a brief about the adventure safety before dinner and an early night in shared accommodation.

Days 2-7: 5-day Training Phase:

Your world-class bushcraft instructors are here for you! You will learn the skills needed to ‘survive’ the next phase of your adventure.

Days 7-10: 3-day Survival Phase: Your instructors are gone!
After breakfast, we speedboat to our new island home, explore the expansive beach, choose the location for our camp, and string the expedition hammocks. Typically after a couple of days, everyone on the island reconnects with their circadian rhythm and rises a little after sunrise. So we use the mornings to learn the 4 key elements of survival: Shelter, Fire, Water, and Food. We explore different methods for each element. Afternoons are for exploration, mastering fishing skills, or simply enjoying paradise.

Evenings are for gathering and connecting with your new tribe around the campfire, eating a communal meal we all helped catch and cook, telling stories, or enjoying the open sky.

After completing your 5-day training phase, you and your new tribe are left alone to put into practice the skills learned. You will experience the wilderness with little more than a machete, knife, essential fishing equipment, medikit, and satellite phone. But don´t worry; we have a safety net in place!

During the first day, the reality of survival sinks in, and new highs and lows are encountered: hunger, thirst, and discomfort are offset by the euphoria of success starting a fire or finding food.

For many, this is one of the toughest psychological and physical challenges they have ever endured and simultaneously the experience that leaves the most incredible sense of achievement and deep gratitude.  

Day 11: Celebrating the achievement in grand style: Rescue & Return 
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