Survivor Indonesia

Monkeys Monitor Lizards and pristine reefs oh my! Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our Indonesia Desert Island Survival Experience, where you’ll discover the untouched beauty of an island so exquisite it’s often dubbed the “Maldives of Asia.”

This hidden gem, is one of Indonesia’s best-kept secrets, welcomes fewer than a thousand travelers each year, offering you dear castaway-to-be, an exclusive retreat into nature’s unspoiled wonders.

Season: Apr-Oct
Meeting Point: Letung (Anambus, Indonesia)

11 days/ 10 nights - Group size: Max 12

The Trip:

Day 1: Arrival
Arriving IN Letung

Your instructors will meet you in Letung. You will receive the expediton briefing by your instructors and exlore the small island. We will stay the night in a simple local guesthouse on the island.

Days 2-7: Training Time

5-day Training Phase: world-class bushcraft instructors are here for you. The next morning we will head to our desert island. Upon arrival, we will explore the beach, select a suitable spot for our camp, and set up our expedition hammocks. This is where we will begin our training phase. Within a couple of days, everyone on the island will naturally adapt to the sunrise and settle into their circadian rhythm. During the morning hours, we will focus on mastering the 4 key elements of survival – Shelter, Fire, Water, and Food. We will explore various techniques for each element.

In the afternoons, we will embark on expeditions to the jungle and rocks, hone our fishing skills, or simply relax and enjoy the paradise around us. Our evenings will be spent bonding with our new tribe, sharing stories around the campfire, enjoying a communal meal that we all helped prepare, and gazing at the open sky.

Days 7-10: Survivor Time

3-day Survival phase: Your instructors are gone! Once the training phase is complete, you and your fellow tribe members will relocate to a different part of the island to apply the newly acquired survival skills. With only a machete, a knife, essential fishing equipment, a medikit, and a satellite phone, you will immerse yourself in the wilderness. However, rest assured we have a great invisible safety net in place. For many, this phase is both physically and mentally challenging. Hunger, thirst, and discomfort are balanced by the euphoria of successfully starting a fire or finding food. It is an experience that evokes both highs and lows, but ultimately leaves one with an incredible sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

Day 10: You did it!

Celebrating the achievement in grand style: Rescue & Return. Once you have completed the survival phase, speedboats will rescue you in the morning to take you to Letung. We will have a great breakfast and freshen up before flying to Batam (flight not included) to our lovely beach hotel. Later that evening, we will enjoy a survival banquet.

Day 11: Departure
* Contact us for dates, rates & availability and setting up a private trip. (DesIslSur)