Survivor Panama

Looking for an adventure travel experience that combines fun, bushcraft, and a survival challenge on a desert island in Panama? Join us on a stunning, wild 560-acre island located around 60 miles off the isthmus of Panama, in the Pacific Ocean, forming part of the Pearl Island archipelago. This is a perfect castaway holiday destination, offering a unique Panama survival camp experience in a scattering of nearly 250 protected islands characterized by untouched white sand bays and beaches fringed with coconut trees and dense primary jungle.
Season: Dec-May
11 days/10 nights

Group size: Max 12
The Trip:

Day 1: Arrival
We meet in Panama City. That late afternoon you meet your instructor and receive the safety expedition briefing before dinner with the team. We have an early night in shared accommodation.

Days 2-7: The Training
After breakfast, we head to the marina and take a 90-minute speedboat to your new island home, explore the expansive beach, choose the location for the camp, and string the expedition hammocks.

Typically after a couple of days, everyone on the island reconnects with their circadian rhythm and rises a little after sunrise. So we use the mornings to learn the 4 key elements of survival: Shelter, Fire, Water, and Food. We explore different methods for each element. Afternoons are for exploration, trekking through the jungle and rocky headlands, mastering fishing skills, or simply enjoying paradise. Evenings are for gathering and connecting with your new tribe around the campfire, eating a communal meal we all helped catch and cook, telling stories, or marveling at the open sky.

Days 7-10: Survivor Time
After completing your training phase, you and your new tribe will move to a different spot on the island to put into practice the skills learned.  You will experience the wilderness with little more than a machete, knife, essential fishing equipment, medikit, and satellite phone. But don’t worry; we have an invisible safety net in place!

For many, this is one of the toughest psychological and physical challenges they have ever endured: the reality of survival sinks in, and new highs and lows are encountered as hunger, thirst, and discomfort are offset by the euphoria of success starting a fire or finding food. And simultaneously, this is an experience that leaves the most incredible sense of achievement and deep gratitude.  

Day 10: You did it!
After completing your survival phase, speedboats are sent in the morning to bring you to Mar Y Oro’s beach to eat and rest. That night we head out for a survival party where you’ll eat your weight in pizza at the excellent Casa Tortuga restaurant. We will all head back to Panama City by speedboats arriving around noon.

* Contact us for dates, rates & availability and the option to do a private trip. (DesIslSur)