Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers some of the best diving spots along the huge coastline of the Red Sea. Scuba diving here enables divers to come up close and interact with the diverse marine life. Saudi Arabia is now known as a popular scuba diving destination in the Red Sea with thrilling activities both for beginners and professionals. The main advantage and uniqueness of this destination are that divers can experience less-explored coral reefs, old shipwrecks, and beautiful sea creatures.

On land, Saudi Arabia is a world of extreme contrasts—from the cosmopolitan city of Jeddah with its Ottoman influences and the rich princes of Riyadh, to the remote desert stronghold of the Nabataeans at Madain Saleh and the simple farmers living traditional lives in the stunning oases.

While this is an unconventional travel destination, it is no less a fulfilling one. With an abundance of beautiful scenery, rich history and distinctive culture there is so much to see and explore. Discover lost cities, ancient rock art and the irresistible hospitality of a misunderstood land.

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