Best of the Philippines

The Philippines are located in the hearth of the coral triangle and are home to iconic animals and dive spots. During our exploratory route, we will be diving Tubbataha, Malapescua, Ticao, Romblon and other less known areas. Join us on the Solitude One, the optimal way to explore this marine life intense region. We’ll also have plenty of time to enjoy the stunning scenery between dives as we sail along.

Embark on our 11-day itinerary exploratory route lead by legendary, Michel Labrecque of N2Pix. Michel has an intense passion for underwater photography and storytelling. His work as a photojournalist focuses on wildlife, conservation and ocean protection.

The package includes an estimated 29 dives. All meals, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, airport transfers and guided dives.

Required level : Advanced Open Water
Water temperature : 84-86°F
Current : Light to moderate
Visibility : 60'-100'
Maximum depth : 130'


An 11-Day Exploratory Trip on Solitude One
Led by renowned Ocean Photographer Michel Labrecque & his team
Jun 21-03, 2021 - 1 spot left!
from $4200 per person, based on double occupancy