Blue Whales

Over the past thirty years, Amos’ photographic journey has taken him to every corner of the globe searching for blue whales. He’s photographed them in Sri Lanka, San Diego, and most recently Timor Leste. He’s recently discovered a new location for filming them, and is excited to invite you to join him in March or April 2025, for a unique blue whale photography masterclass somewhere in the Indian Ocean — at a secluded location where there have been recent sightings of a large blue whale population.
This trip offers more than just whale sightings; With the serene Indian Ocean as your classroom, you will embark on a masterclass in blue whale and big animal photography, providing the opportunity for you to experience blue whales firsthand while you deepen your  photographic skills in a real-world setting. 
Camera Techniques and Settings: Enhance your ability to capture dynamic wildlife scenes using advanced camera settings and techniques tailored for both wide-angle and macro photography.
Lighting Mastery: Gain practical skills in utilizing both natural and artificial lighting to achieve desired effects, essential for underwater and surface photography.
Composition and Storytelling: Learn to apply advanced compositional techniques that transform your images into powerful narratives.
* if interested, let us know and we will provide more details as they become available. 


Blue Whale Photography
Photography Masterclass with Amos Nachoum
Indian Ocean  - location to remain undisclosed to protect the whales
Mar 21-Apr 1, 2025
* Contact us for more details