Come to the Theatre of Africa



From JFK Airport for your evening flight. The Safari Pioneers gather in a private lounge put on by Kenya Airways. There is a buzz of excitement. The Pioneers have their safari all ahead of them. Customs, temperature checks, immigration have all gone well, easily even.

Seated in the front of a completely cleaned and aired new Boeing 787, allows the Pioneers to experience first-class type service on the direct flight to Nairobi, but with the safari having already begun. Our master chef emerges to serve a first-class dinner on board, taking care of the sensitiveness of social distancing, with trained service protocols Pioneers will become accustomed to over the next two-week safari.

Cut to
Exit Nairobi (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport) around Mid-Morning: Official hosts meet the plane and the Pioneers disembark first and go straight to the new Kenya Airways private lounge, and over refreshing drinks made to order by your Great Plains butler, Kenyan health, immigration and customs suitably attired quickly confirm and connect the Pioneers to passports, Stamp Stamp, and you are cleared.Within minutes, the line-up of Executive Caravans is waiting on the tarmac, and the adventurers are seated in executive configuration, seats freshly swabbed down, ready to take in the thrill of the approaching crossing of the Rift Valley, and far too soon, the descent into a grass runway at one of the 4 chosen camps, each pre-cleared by Kenya’s Department of Health, with each staff member checked and confirmed for the important, and national effort to welcome the Pioneers back to Africa. It is hard not to weep, the welcome, the joy, the deep thanks from the communities delivered by the Great Plains Conservation guides with heartfelt gratitude.

Safari vehicles, adjusted to take just 4 Pioneers now (sensitive to that distancing that has become second nature), head off into an Africa that has seen other crises like this 2020 moment which has stopped the world, come and go since before Man first walked upright right here over 3.5 million years ago.

Zebras and wildebeest compete for the road and dart off, with watching warthogs and gazelle in case the lions, that you will soon see, catch them off guard. Each Pioneers camp is bespoke, with natural settings and fresh air flowing through – the healthiest environments on the planet. Each room/tent thoroughly cleaned and aired before your arrival using medical-grade disinfectants.

Magical names like ol Donyo Lodge – set in the ancient lava flows overlooking Kilimanjaro, where elephants are so closed that from the safety of the sunken ‘hide’ you can almost touch their toenails. Or Mara Plains Camp – designed for space and airflow, where a single tree miles away is the landmark of the camp boundary. Mara Nyika Camp – set up high on platforms under stylish canvas tents and typical East African flat-topped acacia trees. And Arijiju – designed as a Swahili fort ruin with the finest interiors and Borana’s famous lions calling beyond the camp.

Each Pioneer’s safari includes a 3-night stay at each camp, driving from Mara Plains to Mara Nyika and flying the short hop to Ol Donyo and Arijiju. This is personal service all the way.

Revel and relax over the 12-night safari as it grows from one experience to the other – from elephants to lions, cheetah, leopard, wildebeest, endless landscapes, great wine, rolling plains and Kilimanjaro herself, that delicately painted mountain shrouded in ‘lace’. Your cuisine is expertly prepared (naturally with safety and hygiene top of mind of course) but catered to every Pioneers personal taste or allergies. We are known for our personal touches.

After 12 nights on safari, you hit rewind and travel in reverse, with two major differences: it is, of course, seamless but now our Pioneers are loaded with memories, your lives are changed forever AND you know that in the hold of the 787 tons of donated PPE have been left in Africa, helping those in our communities, making life better and assured you played a starring role in bringing much-needed tourism back to Africa.

“We travel to make a difference. This Pioneers Safari is restarting that dream.”


Come to the Theatre of Africa - Great Plains & Kenya Airways

Nov 21-Dec 4, 2020

$42,900 per person
(30 guest on the airplane / 10 guests per safari)


The Return of the Safari Pioneers private flying safari costs USD42,900 per person sharing and includes literally everything – from your international business class flights, private inter-camp air transfers, lounge access in all airports on arrival and departures, all meals, all beverages (premier cellar wine, champagnes and spirits excluded at Arijiju), all wildlife sightings and activities.


Exclusions include comprehensive medical and travel insurance, a nightly conservation levy, curios you decide to purchase from our safari boutiques, treatments you choose to enjoy in our wellness centres and gratuities.