Leopard Seals & Orcas

Antarctica’s glacial beauty of towering snow-capped mountains with glistening ice formations ranging from blue to white, makes this expedition to the seventh continent one of life’s great experiences.

Aided by technical support onboard the Hans Hansson, Amos conducts dramatic open water dives along the walls of grounded icebergs. We explore to find the Leopard seals hunting ground in uncharted inlets and bays. Our chances increase dramatically since we are allowed and able to stay for many days at any promising location. Since the small vessel has very minimal impact on the environment, we are free to move everywhere. We also invest a few days in search of Orcas, following them to see if we are lucky to witness this highly-capable species execute their signature hunting maneuvers.

Our Antarctica expedition is specifically timed to coincide with the fledging of penguin chicks when these young birds first venture out from the warm comfort under their parents’ chests. It is a period when the chicks begin to explore the frigid water to learn swimming and feeding skills. Unlike their clumsy waddle on land, penguins are adept swimmers. Once they depart, food deprived adults venture into open water to hunt fish for themselves and their chicks.

The timing is perfect to observe one of Antarctica’s only predators, the leopard seal, feed on penguins. Posing motionless in shallow bay, almost appearing like a harmless rock, the spotted seals wait patiently in shallow water for the opportunity to devour the young penguins. We only recently discovered that the leopard seal does not solely dominate the food chain.


Feb 22, 2021

Group assembles in Puntarenas Chile, recommended to arrive one day earlier

Feb 23

We fly to Antarctica, private 2 1/2 hour flight to King George Island, including all our luggage, no extra fee all included. Upon arrival, we board the vessel and start our cruising and diving

Feb 23 – Mar 10

At sea, on board the 85′ Live-aboard expedition dive boat, Hans Hansson and

Zodiacs: diving with leopard seals, freediving, diving with orcas, swimming with icebergs and hiking among penguin colonies and historic explorer sites.

Mar 10 or 11

Depending on the weather pattern, we leave and start cruising back to Port Williams, Chile.

On arrival we transfer for a flight to Puntarenas and then stay overnight at local hotel

Mar 15

Depart Chile to your next destination


Journey to Antarctica with award-winning nature photographer and adventurer, Amos! Dramatic diving awaits with leopard seals, penguins, orcas, icebergs and whales!

Date: (group size 8-10)

2022 dates TBA