Nautilus Explorer

Journey to the remote Socorro Islands on the Nautilus Explorer. The manta behavior here is unique in the world with 12-to-16-foot giant mantas interacting with divers. Sometimes they hover alongside or underneath a diver, where they often stay, curious and playful to the delight of every diver. 

The Nautilus Explorer stays committed to the Socorro Islands (a.k.a. the Revillagigedo Archipelago), and it's well worth the full-day motor south from Cabo San Lucas. Volcanic in origin, these islands serve as an oasis amid the Sea of Cortez, 250 miles off the Baja Peninsula coast. The raw lava flows and active volcanoes in these islands resemble the lost world of “Jurassic Park,” which seems fitting as these outpost islands, including Roca Partida, beckon not just to giant mantas but to a host of big animals. Guadalupe is all about diving with one creature - the Great White Shark.


Nov 9-24, 2019  $6495-$7395 (Socorro & Guadalupe)