Southern Right Whales

Join leader, Amanda Cotton, to encounter the Southern Right Whales. On our expedition, a thousand of these slow-moving whales gather. Researchers documented 1,605 whales, including 1,365 mothers and calves, 17 white calves and 185 male or juvenile whales.

These expedition groups are especially small, to limit the pressure on the habitat and the wildlife. It’s also better for guests. Each person will have better encounters with the animals, and longer, more rewarding experiences and photo opportunities.

What’s Included:

8 days of travel

6 days snorkeling with whales

Exclusive use of vessel with just 3 guests




Required permitting

Local taxes

Group transportation to and from airport

Expedition leader



Day 1 - Arrive Argentina

Days 2 – Day 7

Snorkeling with southern right whales

• Mothers and calves

• Mating displays

• Breaching

Day 8 - Check out and flight to your next destination


Encounter thousands of Southern Right Whales off the coast of Argentina on this amazing voyage of discovery.

Jul 31-Aug 6, 2022
Aug 7-13, 2022
Jul 29-Aug 5, 2023
Aug 5-12, 2023
Price: $9800