Striped Marlin Expedition with Amos

Amos Nachoum is a master of both photographing big animal behaviors and guiding the small groups of adventurers who accompany him on his expeditions. He free dives with blue whales off the Eastern Pacific, scuba dives in the Okavango delta with crocodiles and goes face to face with the great white shark. One of only five people ever to swim and photograph polar bears underwater…More people were on the moon (12). Since 1980, he has taken over 5,000 people to explore every significant body of water (and land too) from the North Pole to Antarctica. The guy is a legend and a thrill to travel with!



Nov 24 -  Arrive in Cabo San Lucas - Group will meet at the airport, board the van and transfer directly to San Carlos — a 5 hour drive — board the vessel for next 7 nights and 6 days

Nov 25-30 - Six full days of searching and following the frigate birds, who will lead us to the giant schools of sardine and mackerel. When we see them diving into the water that’s when we jump in to the bait balls to see the Marlins, seals, possibly some Bride’s whales, and maybe even some other transient animals like orcas!

Dec 1-  Early morning van transfer by van to the Cabo San Lucas airport (again ~5 hours)

for your flight to the your next destination. (make sure your flight is after 2:00pm)


Autumn in Baja, Mexico is the time to see the colorful and speedy Striped Marlins hunting. For many years the marlin were not seen much in this area, reaching a peak six years ago when the mackerel stock was almost entirely fished out. Then in 2019 two things happened to bring the marlin back. The mackerel levels recovered and an ocean current called an upwelling brought them back to Baja, along with all other ocean predators that feed on them. The returned in great numbers and we were lucky to have many great days out in the water enjoying their company.


Oct 23-Nov 1, 2021

Nov 1-10, 2021




80 – 82°F (26 – 28°C)


80 – 100 feet (25 – 30 meters)