Svalbard Classic

We have chartered a perfect, small vessel for an intimate and personal Svalbard experience. We take only 15 people and have 3 large zodiacs which leaves much space for each passenger and their photography gear. We have done this expedition many times and you will find that only after 2 days we have all become like a big family and enjoy each others company during the meals or presentations and enthusiasm when we spot a polar bear.

The boarding of the zodiacs takes only a few minutes so that we don’t miss out on a good polar bear sighting when we need to get closer to shore. Bigger ships don’t have this flexibility. They also don’t have the freedom to change their route or itinerary as we do. We go where the wildlife is and once found we stay as long as we want.

We have chosen this time of the year because there is a great chance for an abundance of pack and fjord ice which means many seals and hopefully polar bears. Our main goal during this expedition is to find polar bears. We will also see walrus, Svalbard reindeer, different seal species and with luck whales and Arctic Fox. Not to forget the giant cliffs with thousands of breeding Arctic birds.

After spending one night in Longyearbyen’s famous and cosy Basecamp Spitsbergen, you can choose to join us either on a dog mushing or snowmobile tour across the pristine white winter landscape. With some luck, we might see Svalbard reindeer or Arctic fox which at this time is still carrying its white winter coat.

The next morning we offer the same options for just half a day. If you prefer you can also take a leisurely walk in the small town of Longyearbyen and try out the coffee shops and restaurants or check out the local shops.

Around 16:00 we will board the M/s Freya and start our 8 day Arctic adventure cruise. You will find this small ship very comfortable and the crew very friendly. The captain and crew are highly experienced and have travelled these arctic waters for many years.

Because we specialize in exclusive small group travel (14 passengers maximum on the M/S Freya), we have the freedom and extra flexibility on our Svalbard expedition that may not be enjoyed with larger groups. We can linger as long as we like at wildlife sightings. We have time to capture the perfect light while enjoying or photographing the majestic landscapes. We will look for calving glaciers and stunning icy landscapes during our expedition.




The archipelago is situated halfway between the northern tip of Norway and the North Pole. Svalbard is one of the best places in the Arctic to see polar bears and other Arctic wildlife like walrus, various seal species, whales, Svalbard reindeer and Arctic fox. It is a nature lover’s and photographer’s dream. And its landscapes are an awe-inspiring mix of giant glaciers, deep fjords, rugged peaks and tundra hills.


Experience one of the last true and unspoiled wildernesses on earth where not humans but nature still dominates. See polar bears, walruses, whales, seals, giant bird cliffs and spectacular glaciers!

Date: Apr 29-May 9, 2022

Price: from $9975 (group size: 15)