Swim with Humpbacks!

Vava'u, Tonga is considered to be the best place in the world to swim with humpback whales. Tongan waters are the birthing and mating grounds for a specific population of humpback whales, which means they are around for months each year (late July - early Nov). Even better, the islands that surround Vava'u provide protection from the winds, ensuring that our small groups can go out on the water almost every day.

The crystal-clear blue waters are another draw for many, as the water makes it much easier to get fantastic footage and photos of these gentle giants. Vava'u to be the very best place for up-close encounters with these magnificent marine mammals. These are snorkel trips, as it's nearly impossible to scuba dive with whales since they move so quickly. Participants should have snorkeling experience and understand that there is a lot of swimming involved on these tours.

We generally get in the water with whales almost everyday, it really comes down to the quality of those swims. We aim to get 1-2 quality swims on a 5 swim day trip, and 3-4 quality swims on a 8 swim day trip.  A high quality encounter to us is one that lasts over 10 minutes and is in close proximity to a set of whales. Besides the close encounters with whale, Tonga is an absolute paradise to discover - reefs, beaches and a rich and vibrant culture.

Please contact us for availability and rates of 5 and 8 day Tonga Whale Trips in Vava’u. Keep in mind that due to the limited season and small group size, trips sell out very quickly.


The first and last day of your trip dates are the arrival and departure dates. Every other day is a whale swim day, except Sundays. Boats leave at 7:30am and are allowed to be out for 7 hours, which is dictated by whale swim regulations in Tonga.


Travel to paradise to swim, snorkel and sing-a-long with Tonga’s humpback whales!

Jul 17-28, 2021

Jul 28-Aug 7, 2021
Aug 28-Sep 9, 2021

Sep 8-18, 2021

Sep 18-29, 2021

Price: 8-day trips start at $5700 per person (max group size 6) at Mystic Sands