Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Sick of sitting at home?  Want to get underwater?  Want to stay close to home:
Look no further.  Join the Bahamas Aggressor for a Grand Bahama West End & Tiger Beach trip for one or both of their back-to-back trips.  DIVE WITH TIGER SHARKS, LEMON SHARKS & MORE

Crystal clear turquoise waters, white sand .... tiger sharks & lemon sharks.  Shallow waters.  Dive as often as you like.  Pure magic.  On the slightly "extreme" side of the Caribbean, you find Tiger Beach in the Bahamas.  Tiger Beach is the ultimate tiger shark encounter!  6–7 foot lemon sharks mingling with 10-14 foot tiger sharks. 




Tiger Beach - visit the remote areas around the West End of Grand Bahama and Tiger Beach which is frequented by Caribbean Reef Sharks, lemon sharks and tiger sharks.

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