Karnali Lodge

Bardia National Park is a world away from the chaotic hustle of Kathmandu. An area of extraordinary beauty and abundant wildlife, a visit to Karnali Lodge is a journey of off the beaten track adventure and an opportunity to reconnect with nature. Bardia provides the best tiger habitat anywhere in Nepal, and your greatest opportunity of seeing this elusive animal in the wild.

Karnali is an intimate lodge with ultra personal service and expert wildlife guiding. We’ve created a calming, soothing escape with a focus on our natural surroundings. Our rooms are in keeping with local architecture, our on-site farm produces fresh organic produce and the property has a strong focus on environmental practices.

With nine newly decorated Signature rooms each with an adjoining bathroom, Karnali Lodge is the epitome of comfort with a focus on privacy and calm. Additionally we have 12 Traditional rooms, built using local materials and traditional building methods. All the rooms are designed to minimize their impact on the environment and are adorned in soft natural colors and fabrics and locally sourced furnishings.

Karnali Lodge is an opportunity to immerse oneself in nature and unwind in the peacefulness of a jungle environment. Accompanied by one of our expert naturalists, explore the park on foot, by jeep or head to the river put in point to experience the ultimate river safari. Keep an eye out for an Asiatic elephant, the mighty tiger or a svelte leopard. Alternatively choose to unwind in a sunny spot at the Lodge garden, taking in nature as it moves around you. Curl up with a good book and cool drink, and idle the day away.

Jeep Safari

Step aboard one of our restored iconic open-top Landrovers for a jungle jeep safari unlike any in Nepal.

River Safari

Float down the Karnali river in search for Nepal's aquatic wildlife - a truly relaxing experience.

Bird Watching

Nepal is considered a bird watching sanctuary, with an astounding 848 species identified across the country.

Visit The local Communities

Immerse yourself in local Tharu culture by taking a guided tour of the local villages.

Walking Safari

Experience safari in its purest form by joining our naturalists on foot.