Tharu Lodge

Nestled beside lush forests and overlooking idyllic Terai landscapes, Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge provides an ideal space to explore the jungles of Nepal. The Lodge presents a harmonious blend of exhilarating wildlife activities, pioneering ethical interactions with our herd of captive elephants, and authentic cultural experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional longhouse style of Tharu architecture and utilizing locally- sourced materials, the 12 room lodge offers a unique and comfortable immersion into the Nepalese village life and culture. Adventure-seeking guests can choose one of our 9 safari tents for a true jungle experience, surrounded by the captivating sounds of the forest at night. Tharu Lodge is a small and intimate operation, placing your experience and comfort at the forefront of our priorities.

In the lodge garden, you will discover an idyllic haven for serene lunches, afternoon relaxation, and evening bonfires. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance as you indulge in al fresco dining under the shade of a mango tree. For a refreshing respite, take a leisurely dip in the pool, or sway gently in a hammock, serenaded by the afternoon breeze.

Tharu Lodge offers 12 Traditional Rooms built using local materials and with local Tharu building techniques. All rooms are very spacious and come with en suite bathrooms. Additionally the Lodge has 9 safari tents providing guests with a more intimate experience with nature without comprising on comfort. All tents have attached fixed bathrooms.

Tharu Lodge offers a diverse array of activities that provide a unique and immersive experience in and around the National Park and surrounding villages. Guests have the opportunity to partake in a range of safari experiences led by our knowledgeable naturalists or dedicate a day to acquaint yourself with our herd of elephants alongside their mahouts.

Elephant Experiences

Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge invites you to embark on an intimate journey with our herd of 12 Asiatic elephants. Guided by our philosophy of creating an immersive and forward-thinking elephant experience, we aim to foster personal, profound, and unobtrusive connections between guests and these magnificent creatures. Whether you choose to engage in various elephant activities or simply spend time observing the herd, you'll have the opportunity to intimately familiarize yourself with their unique personalities, behaviors, and routines.

Walking with elephants

Join our elephants and their mahouts on their daily walk through the jungle close to the lodge.

Wildlife Experiences

In addition to our immersive elephant experiences, we strive to deliver you into the heart of the jungle in search for some of the world’s rarest species including the Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhino, critically endangered Gharial Crocodile and over 500 species of bird amongst a plethora of other flora and fauna. The highly knowledgeable and respected naturalists play a crucial role in guiding and enlightening you throughout your stay with us. We take immense pride in their expertise, ensuring that you have an enriching and educational experience.

Jeep Safari

Step aboard one of our restored iconic open-top Landrovers for a jungle jeep safari unlike any in Nepal.

River Safari

Float down the river in search for Nepal's aquatic wildlife - a truly relaxing experience.

Bird Watching

Nepal is considered a bird watching sanctuary, with an astounding 848 species identified across the country.

Visit The local Communities

Immerse yourself in local Tharu culture by taking a guided tour of the local villages.

Walking Safari

Experience safari in its purest form by joining our naturalists on foot.