Seamen Journey & La Selva

We would be totally remiss if we did not put in writing what a wonderful time we had on our recent trip to the Galapagos and to the Ecuadorian Rainforest.  All we can say is WOW!  As always, your planning proved to be perfection and we truly enjoyed every part of this adventure.

The Seaman Journey in the Galapagos was exactly what we wanted, a small comfortable boat, fresh food, non-stop activities, a crew that bent over backwards to ensure we were comfortable, happy and then, eye popping island experiences and unforgettable visuals. Our days started early, due to the regulations protecting the individual islands, with either a trek or a snorkel, then a return to the boat and a quick change for the next activity.  We were constantly on the go and we loved every second.
The option to stay aboard is always an option, but as each island provided us with new opportunities, we became quick change artists and we were ready to go in moments as were most of the other guests on the boat. Our nature guide and leader, Marco, was a delight offering us insight into all of the islands’ variations and adaptations, all given with intelligence and humor.  Every night, he were briefed us on the following days activities and he couldn’t have been more thorough. As this is a locally owned boat, the crew and Marco all had personal knowledge of this area, their pride and experience truly enriched our trip even more. Also, thanks for your recommendation to explore the western islands as they were amazing.  We even got to witness a volcano spewing into the ocean, just one of the amazing moments on this part of our trip.

Then off to the rainforest and what an idyllic location La Selva was. Our room overlooked the mirrored lake and boy did we love that lake, canoeing whenever the option was available.  That canoeing was, unto itself, a purely Zen experience as we glided over the water watching and listening to the birds while witnessing to the various monkey species swinging from tree to tree. The staff at this lodge could not have been more welcoming even providing us with a candlelit dinner in their gazebo on their dock. The food was delicious and its’ presentation always artistic with the chef preparing at least 4 separate entree choices daily. We did stay longer than the usual 3-4 day visit and we found 7 days to be enough time to really see and do what we wanted.

Our last day's canoe ride gave us rainbows, caymans and the sighting of a rare giant river otter. Our native guide had the eyes of a hawk and spotted what only he could see hidden among the tree limbs and roots.  He was amazing.  Our translator, a birder, was an endless source of bird calls and unbelievable ability to name every bird he saw.

We could have stayed longer and thank you again for so seamlessly arranging our vacation!

Thanks again for everything.

Jo Beth and Mark (Apr 2024)