Best of Patagonia

Explore the best of Patagonia during this 9-day affordable and active travel itinerary to the most iconic destinations of Argentina and Chile. Hike or horseback ride in the Patagonian Andes and take in the spectacular scenery of stunning Mount Fitz Roy. Travel to Chile with this Patagonia Itinerary and stay in Puerto Natales, the gateway city to the famous Torres del Paine National Park.


* Walk beside Perito Moreno Glacier and take a boat cruise along its 200-foot-high face.

* Discover the world-class hiking trails of South America in Torres del Paine and El Chaltén.

* Best time to travel: From October to April

Day 1: Start your travel itinerary to Patagonia

Transfer from El Calafate to El Chaltén – Day at leisure

Upon arrival at the El Calafate airport, we will start our 4-hour trip to El Chaltén. Start this travel itinerary to Patagonia by traveling to this famous mountaineering village in Argentina! You’ll travel along the famous Route 40, surrounded by the Patagonian steppe, and pass through La Leona River, which connects Lake Argentino and Lake Viedma, and where you’ll get to see La Leona Road house, where the famous thieves Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hid for a while. After discovering some other gems along your journey, you’ll reach El Chaltén and we’ll drop you off at your hotel.

El Chaltén is the top-rated hiking destination in Argentina. This charming little village sits at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy and it’s surrounded by glaciers, lakes, rivers and forests. It’s also the jumping-off point for most hiking trails in the area. A paradise for sunny walkers and trekkers alike. Enjoy your first afternoon of leisure in one of the best destinations of Patagonia by relaxing in the local brewery or strolling around a little waterfall… There is a quick hike you can enjoy to warm up and discover El Chorrillo del Salto, just 1 hour away from the village. Reach its little waterfall encircled by native trees and flora, like the Patagonian Orchid.

Day 2:  El Chaltén

Today, we have a recommendation for true hiking-lovers— Trek all the way to Cerro Torre and Laguna Torre, one of the most famous hiking trails in Argentine Patagonia. Step into the wild for about 8 hours and 12 miles. This is a moderate-difficulty hike, but there is no steep climbing involved, so no previous experience is required!

Day 3:  Perito Moreno Glacier Tour

Full-day Perito Moreno Glacier tour with boat trip. Perito Moreno Glacier tour, meet the icy giant of Patagonia. During the morning, we will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to Glaciers National Park to enjoy the 6-hour Perito Moreno Glacier tour. You will travel about 25 miles from El Calafate to the park, enjoying the views of the Patagonian steppe. Once inside the park, you will take walkways to explore the different viewpoints, and you’ll feel unbelievably close to Perito Moreno Glacier. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see a piece of ice break off and fall from the glacier wall, sinking forever into the lake below.

Day 4: Puerto Natales - Chile

Take a bus and travel to Puerto Natales. Your Chilean journey is about to begin! In the morning, you’ll make your way to the bus station. Most hotels are walking distance from the bus terminal, but if you prefer to take a taxi, you might spend roughly $5/7 USD.

Day 5:  Discovering Torres del Paine National Park

Full-day visit to Torres del Paine National Park. Today we’ll pick you up from your hotel early in the morning to take you to the first stop of this 10-hour adventure-trip, Milodon Cave. This natural monument, located 15 miles north of town, is composed of three caverns and a rocky conglomerate called Silla del Diablo (Devil’s chair), due to its chair like shape.

Day 6:  Day at Leisure at Puerto Natales

Day at leisure in Puerto Natales - Optional tour, Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers This is your opportunity to continue exploring the best of Patagonia near Puerto Natales. Take a walk on the shores of Last Hope Sound and explore the little, picturesque town on foot.

Day 7:  El Calafate - Argentina

Today get prepared to take the bus back to El Calafate. To get to the bus station a taxi will cost you roughly $6/8 dollars. We highly recommend being ready half-an-hour before the departure time at the bus terminal.

Day 8:  The End of Your Travel Itinerary to Patagonia

Transfer from your hotel to El Calafate airport Today we’ll pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the airport to take your flight to your next destination. Your travel itinerary to Patagonia is about to end… but if you want, you can extend your trip and keep on exploring Argentina. Check out some of our other tailor-made trips in Patagonia and the rest of Argentina, we’ll be glad to help you design your next travel adventure.     

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