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Amazing Adventures Travel offers the ultimate in customized travel to more than 40 countries on all seven continents. Our adventure planners have been organizing trips around the world for decades and know where the most scenic and spectacular locations are to visit.

We want to help you discover the treasures we have found through our own travels. We are great listeners and will tailor a trip to meet your budget and exceed your expectations. Whether it is a diving trip, safari or other adventure, we'll take care of all the details. We are passionate about travel and look forward to planning your next trip.


Amazing Adventures Seller of Travel Licence number is 2081776-40.

Scuba diving with friendly sharks, horseback riding through the rainforest, venturing out in a jeep surrounded by jungle animals or out in the African bush … ahhh, these are just a few of my favorite things! Owning an adventure travel company where I can do what I love is pretty amazing. I love planning trips for clients; it's what I do best.

Born in Singapore, raised in Kuwait and schooled in England, I was intrigued at an early age by the natural beauty and cultural differences in the world. I didn’t want to just observe them, I wanted to get up close and experience the people, wildlife and exciting surroundings that make each part of the world unique.

After finishing school, I had my eyes set on adventures and seeing more of the world, so I backpacked for 2 ½ years through Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. My hunger to not just see, but to “do” exciting things in far-off places continues and I get great joy in sharing those places with friends, family and clients. Even after 50+ years of extensive travel, I still find new spots that make my heart flutter.

Meet Sandy, Marketing Director

 Sandy has logged over 30 years in the travel business as a travel consultant at some of the major adventure travel companies in the Bay Area. Before her lustrous career in travel, Sandy worked as an advertising copywriter in NYC. Currently living in Singapore, Sandy works from afar on our marketing creating bi-monthly e-newsletters, working on the website and social media posts. 

Sandy got bitten by the travel bug early in life and feels most alive when she steps out of the bubble to truly discover a place — this can even be in her own backyard. A bit of a dare devil, Sandy loves bungee jumping in New Zealand, climbing mountains in Bhutan, cage diving with Guadalupe’s Great White Sharks, kayaking with humpbacks in Tonga, paragliding over Brazil and trekking among gorillas in Uganda. For Sandy, the travel list just seems to be getting longer. 

Besides travel, Sandy’s passion is conservation and volunteers her time and talents towards saving our planet’s natural treasures. Whether it be taking care of orphaned harbor seal pups, organizing beach clean-ups and no pesticide campaigns, or working on getting Singapore to give up plastic straws and bags, Sandy is a force to be reckoned with on this front. It’s always rewarding to share a passion and that is why Sandy has been so fulfilled working in the travel realm.


People often ask:  Will using a travel company cost me more money?  The answer is NO!  Your trip will cost you the same as if you were to put it together yourself and book everything directly. Sometimes, your trip will even cost less as we will steer you towards great deals and pass on competitive pricing.  There are no added costs or hidden fees if we make the booking. Our company makes commission from our suppliers. We save you a lot of time by taking care of all the arrangements for you. A lot of time and thought goes into crafting a customized itinerary that’s perfect for you. Like some companies, we do not charge for consultations. Plus, we spend time and effort on our marketing and outreach. We appreciate your business!


We’ve been organizing dive and adventure travel for over 25 years for groups, individuals, and families. Let’s face it; we love to travel. Our founder, Kirsten, has traveled to over 90 countries, has multiple dive certifications, and has logged over 1500 dives. Her encyclopedic knowledge of these destinations is unsurpassed. This is important. Diving is a dangerous sport and each dive traveler should go where they will have a safe and fulfilling trip. We’ve experienced an astonishing number of dive resorts and vessels, so we feel very confident about where we are sending you. The AAT staff is constantly exploring the globe so we may be better informed about what’s out there. This product knowledge also goes for safari lodges and active trips to exotic destinations. Very often, what you might see on the internet is not what you’ll see when you check in. Because we’ve been there, we can make sure you are getting what you paid for. Not only are we great listeners, but we also know trip logistics, pacing, and the ins and outs of family travel.


A successful trip is all in the details. From the very first moment you contact us to our post trip follow-up, we take care of you. Your vacation time is precious and we take this very seriously. A personalized trip planning experience is what we do, plus we make sure all is going as planned when you are out in the field. We’ve been working with our outfitters from around the world for a long time and they are top notch. From your very first meet & greet to your farewell, you are in good hands. Sometimes there are big and small hiccups along the way. Thanks to our close relationship with our suppliers, we will work with them to smooth things over while you are away and any follow-ups upon your return.

Our office is based in Mill Valley, California, where we come to work Monday – Friday to organize and handle your trips. Many travel outfits do not have a real physical address or a US based phone number to get in contact with them. An email is the only way that you can communicate and, should anything go wrong, you are left with very limited options.  This should be a warning flag.  Lastly, as a registered Seller of Travel in California, we provide the added benefit of consumer protection should a travel provider cease their operations or we go out of business – you are protected all the way around.

We look forward to planning your trip.

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