Sandy Harford

Meet Sandy, Marketing Director

 Sandy has logged over 30 years in the travel business as a travel consultant at some of the major adventure travel companies in the Bay Area. Before her lustrous career in travel, Sandy worked as an advertising copywriter in NYC. Currently living in Singapore, Sandy works from afar on our marketing creating bi-monthly e-newsletters, working on the website and social media posts. 

Sandy got bitten by the travel bug early in life and feels most alive when she steps out of the bubble to truly discover a place — this can even be in her own backyard. A bit of a dare devil, Sandy loves bungee jumping in New Zealand, climbing mountains in Bhutan, cage diving with Guadalupe’s Great White Sharks, kayaking with humpbacks in Tonga, paragliding over Brazil and trekking among gorillas in Uganda. For Sandy, the travel list just seems to be getting longer. 

Besides travel, Sandy’s passion is conservation and volunteers her time and talents towards saving our planet’s natural treasures. Whether it be taking care of orphaned harbor seal pups, organizing beach clean-ups and no pesticide campaigns, or working on getting Singapore to give up plastic straws and bags, Sandy is a force to be reckoned with on this front. It’s always rewarding to share a passion and that is why Sandy has been so fulfilled working in the travel realm.