Sandy Harford

When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut or live with Tarzan in the jungle. I was bitten by the adventure bug early and I still have it; the list of places to go just gets longer. Some of my favorite destinations have been Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Uganda, Egypt and Tonga. I love getting out of the bubble and trying new foods, meeting the locals and creating new experiences. I've been working in the travel industry for most of my adult life at various adventure travel companies in the Bay Area.

My husband and I raised our two children mostly in Northern California plus a couple years living in Singapore. My daughter turned two in Bali and my son lost his first tooth in Kenya. Now, in their 20's, they love to travel as much as their parents. In fact, my daughter just spent her honeymoon in Indonesia. I love snorkeling alongside whalesharks, hearing lions growling outside my tent, walking the Great Wall of China and building sandcastles on a South Pacific beach. Life is short; experience it all. I am thrilled to have found a profession where I can pass on my love of travel by helping others plan their trips.