We love Africa! The continent is truly amazing and awards you experiences that you will not find anywhere in the world. The vast national parks and wildlife sanctuaries support incredibly varied ecosystems ranging from humid rainforest to arid deserts, lakeside bird havens to mountainous highlands, never-ending savannas to fantastic networks of natural canals. Watch a solitary lion amble up to a watering hole in the desert of Namibia or thousands upon thousands of zebras and wildebeest migrate with thundering hooves in East Africa. Lock eyes with an almost submerged hippo in its pool of tepid water or observe cheetah cubs playing together like oversized kittens.


We recommend that you start planning your Africa trip early, preferably at least a year before travel time. Many of the best African destinations are highly seasonal or very limited in visitor numbers. Gorilla tracking permits in Uganda allow only a few people per day to enter the habitat. All the preferred safari camps are small by nature and cannot accommodate a large number of visitors – this guarantees more wildlife sightings and a highly personal experience. Give us a call and tell us what your African dreams are and we’ll make it happen.


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