Many divers, snorkelers and beachcombers prefer a dive resort to combine local culture and other land-based activities with a water sports itinerary. Dive resorts generally offer fewer dives per day than a liveaboard and many more activities geared towards non-divers. This is the perfect option for travelers with non-diving buddies. We've compiled our favorite dive resorts from rustic to opulent to match your traveling style and budget. 
For an amazing adventure, we've also selected and array of incredible rainforest lodges and eco-retreats for each destination. Each is an oasis away from the daily routine with a wide range of activities and day trips to experience or just relax in a hammock and get away from it all. These lodges will provide the opportunity to discover nature, to immerse yourself in a different culture and to refresh so that you may return home fulfilled and rejuvenated.

Escape from California to Baja, Mexico on board the Nautilus Belle Amie (July 16-24, 2020)

My daughter, Tatum and I, started our trip with a very unique experience of an empty SFO airport and a ¼ full flight via LAX to Cabo.  Security was a breeze and though...

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Zambia – October 2019

Stepping off the plane in Africa is a feeling all of it’s own. The sight of the dry bush, sounds of the cicadas in the distance and the smell of Africa fills the senses.

My first stop was back to Livingstone, where I last visited in 2001. My destination was the luxurious...

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By Kirsten – Sep/Oct 2018

Going to a new destination for me is super exciting and I couldn’t wait to explore Tanzania from top to bottom. I visited nearly all the properties in the Nomad Tanzania portfolio and I am glad that I did as they are so different from each other.

I flew on KLM via Amsterdam as that was the most convenient way so arrived late at night into...

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By Sandy-  Jul 20-25, 2018

Ticking a major item off the old bucket list is the best. Cage diving with Great White Sharks has been hovering at the top of my list for ages. I’ve tried before in both the Farallones in Northern California and South Africa with no luck. The first trip, the sharks were a no show and in South Africa, the weather was too rough. So, Guadalupe was going...

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By Ryan Treais- July 2017

Panama is a country that I had never visited so the excitement was definitely present after about 10 hours of total travel time. After landing in Panama City, we were met by Bianca a friend of my mother’s but who also happens to work for Yala Tours. She drove us from the airport to Casco Viejo, the old city, which sits west of of the high rises that...

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By Sandy- March 2017

Sri Lanka is indeed a mystical land full of contradictions and fascination. We arrived in Colombo late in the evening and was met by our cheerful driver and guide, Kris. We spent our first night in total bliss at the Uga Residence. This very fine boutique hotel is a calm oasis in the busy sprawl of Sri Lanka’s capital. After a drink at the sumptuous bar, we...

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By Sandy- February 27- March 06, 2016

When you travel to Cuba these days, you really need to put your head around the fact that Cuba is only 90 miles off the coast of Florida. The journey seems much much longer due to the hoops one must still jump through to get there. Yes, it is easier to travel to Cuba than a few years ago, but one must still obtain a special visa like the one...

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By Sandy- March 2015

Sandwiched between India and China, the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan has remained isolated from the rest of world. This has certainly helped to preserve their Buddhist traditions, tight family ties and pristine landscapes. About 11 years ago, Bhutan got TV, the internet and its first radio station! The mountain biking handsome young king decided to...

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By Kelli- October 2016

Everyone says that a trip to Africa is a trip of a lifetime. What they don’t tell you is that, while indeed it is the trip of a lifetime, after experiencing it, you will want to go back over and over again. I was fortunate to be able to experience my first trip to Africa this October, exploring Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe with Wilderness Safaris.


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By Kirsten- March 2016

With all the excitement of a new destination and a new era for travel to a forbidden place, I along with 5 fellow travelers, set out on our trip from Cancun to La Habana.  It was a very complicated trip to arrange as there is more misinformation than correct information.  Trying to book hotels, tours etc was frustrating and time consuming…..but ultimately...

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