Trip Reports

One of the most valuable trip planning tools we have in our toolbox is our firsthand product knowledge. Our staff regularly gets out from behind the computer and hits the road. Often these trips are familiarization (FAM) trips. These whirlwind trips take us around from lodging to lodging so we can do site inspections and see firsthand what we are selling. We will also embark on other travels, often with our families and/or friends, again to visit new properties/destinations or revisit existing locations to see what’s new. These trips are fun and why we are in the travel business, but they are also incredibly valuable. Actually experiencing a place, particularly for family travel planning, is vital to helping you plan your next adventure.

By Kirsten- March 2016

With all the excitement of a new destination and a new era for travel to a forbidden place, I along with 5 fellow travelers, set out on our trip from Cancun to La Habana.  It was a very complicated trip to arrange as there is more misinformation than correct information.  Trying to book hotels, tours etc was frustrating and time consuming…..but ultimately...

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