Shawa Luangwa Camp

Shawa Luangwa Camp is situated on the eastern bank of the Luangwa River on a site hand-picked by Jacob Shawa, the Head Professional Guide at camp. From this beautiful location, you can cross the river on a pontoon or boat and explore the prime game-viewing areas of the South Luangwa National Park.

Jacob Shawa is not only a legendary Zambian guide; he is also the inspiration behind building Shawa Luangwa Camp in the first place. Jacob was brought up in the Luangwa Valley and his interest in wildlife started when he was young. Shawa Luangwa pioneers Silent Safaris in the South Luangwa National Park and Nsefu Sector, as it is the only camp that uses electric Land Cruisers to explore this sensitive ecosystem gently and quietly. And of course, your South Luangwa experience is incomplete without a walking safari led by the much-loved Jacob Shawa.

Each of the Luxury Safari Tents is individually styled for a modern under canvas experience on the banks of the Luangwa River. Two of the five Couples Tents can convert into a spacious Family Tent.

Luxury Tents

Elegance and comfort combine with the quiet intimacy of a classic African bush camp in our five Shawa Luxury Tents. The tents have been raised above the ground on wooden stilts, which lessens their impact on the environment, and they open entirely on three sides to offer an unblocked 270-degree view over the river and across the park.

Family Tent

A home-away-from-home with extra touches of indulgence and comfort, the Shawa Luxury Family Tent welcomes you for a magical safari experience in the South Luangwa. The Luxury Family Tent is made up of two tents separated by a five metre elevated wooden, with one tent having a king bed and the other twin beds. Each tent has its own en-suite bathroom with modern fittings and a wooden deck that looks over the Luangwa River to the horizon beyond. Two couples traveling together will appreciate the comfortable balance that this setup offers. You can spend quality time together as a group, while also having the privacy needed for a dreamy getaway with your loved one.

At Shawa Luangwa Camp, the South Luangwa National Park is on your doorstep, just waiting to be explored by vehicle, boat or foot with a wonderful guide by your side.

Through Silent Safaris, our care for the environment extends beyond camp into the wilderness of the park and Nsefu Sector. The electric Land Cruisers are powered by Zambia’s abundant sunshine to traverse the area quietly, lightly and with minimal carbon footprint. As the birthplace of the walking safari, South Luangwa beckons you to step out on foot with our legendary guide, Jacob Shawa, who will make you fall in love with the bush.

Besides the wide range of safari activities and other adventures, we absolutely love to engage our clients in local experiences that make a positive difference in our communities.


We are expanding and in 2021 we will have established a community-run tree nursery in every village throughout Likoma Island. Each nursery site aims to plant 2,000 trees, totalling 24,000 trees per year. We invite you to come and hug some trees or saplings with us. You can plant seeds, care for saplings, or if you’re here in December/January, maybe even help with the re-planting as we move stronger plants to their new homes around the island.


High achieving and disadvantaged students from Likoma Island are sponsored throughout their secondary schooling, with many of the stipends provided to students co-sponsored by guests visiting Kaya Mawa. Over 100 students were sponsored last year, and the focus is not just on education but also on improving each child’s health and personal growth.


Guests from all around the world fall in love with this little workshop, where single mothers or ladies caring for orphaned children create awe-inspiring design pieces out of recycled glass and metal. Pop into this happy space to see chandeliers, cushion covers, and other gorgeous statement pieces being created from reclaimed rubbish. The ladies might even show you how their magic works, and if you’re especially lucky let you have a 'sew’ yourself.


This women-run community garden project near Kaya Mawa is now established and with the team benefitting from training in farm management skills, working with the environment and small business management, they are almost self-sufficient! Get in touch if you may be interested in a visit and we will let you know what the best experience will be. We know that the ladies running this garden would love to show off everything they are learning (and teaching) about good nutrition and sustainable farm management.


Being able to lay a solid foundation in a child’s education and development early goes a long way in creating bright futures for the young people of Likoma Island. That's why we support several nursery, primary and secondary schools through the employment of teachers, running feeding programs, and providing learning materials.


Despite the challenges they face as women in their communities, the young mothers of Likoma Island radiate courage, strength and creativity. We work with the Young Mothers Program to ensure these women, who form the bedrock of Likoma, are given the opportunity to shine even brighter.