Mashatu Euphorbia

Mashatu Euphorbia is the new 5-star camp, situated in the privately owned Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana.  This “green” camp combines luxury with conservation and sustainability, where solar energy and state of the art water processing systems ensure a harmonious blend with the African bush.

Mashatu Euphorbia is set high up on a cliff face amongst a forest of euphorbia succulents which open up to reveal exquisite vistas of the river and plains below.  With a maximum of 16 guests, an intimate ambiance is created, where warm and engaging local staff are on hand.  Expert guides will host a maximum of 4 guests per safari vehicle, showcasing the daily sightings of lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, hyena and general plains game.

Guests are welcomed into their own private villas with heated plunge pools overlooking the ravine below.  The villas are inspired by the curves and shape of the local Mopane tree, which is the lifeblood and main food source for the general game at Mashatu.  The 8 secluded villas exude an earthy glamour, boasting an inside shower and outside shower, an inside W.C and second “loo with a view” and are spacious with seating areas and relaxation points.

Luxury Villa (8 rooms)
Every villa's shape is based on the pod from the Mopane tree. The Mopane is hugely significant as it is the main source of food for all the animals during the very dry winter months. Each villa will have 2 WC’s and two showers, both inside and outside or his and hers, and a heated plunge pool.

Game Drives
Safari vehicles meander into the bush twice a day, bringing visitors into close contact with an Africa that is largely known only in wildlife documentaries and glossy books. But this Africa is real, and distinctly tangible through all six senses.

Mashatu Walking Safaris
There are a wide variety of landscapes, vegetation types and eco-systems on Mashatu which should be all experienced first-hand. Walking Mashatu offers the wilderness lover, the bird watcher, the keen botanist, the intrepid hiker and the nature enthusiast the ultimate experience whilst walking in the Land of Giants.

The Mashatu Walking Safari can be enjoyed as an ad-hoc activity from Mashatu Lodge or Tent Camp, or as an overnight multi-day adventure.

Adhoc Walking Safari: The perfect opportunity to combine exercise with focusing on the smaller and no less interesting creatures of Mashatu, most often missed when out in a vehicle on safari. Although many opportunities arise to view big game, the focus is on the little, often overlooked aspects of the bush - tracks, plants, insects, etc. A walker is part of the environment and not merely a spectator. There is no better place to enjoy a walking safari than in The Land of the Giants. This diverse and mammoth piece of Africa is the perfect place to witness the intricacies of the wild animals of Africa, to learn about the hidden secrets of nature, to find the smaller creatures hidden in their bush homes and to see how the eco-system involves the inter-relatedness of species.

Multi-day Adventure: Tailor-made walking safaris suit the disposition of the clients on safari. Distances covered per day depend on the ability and preference of the guests. There is no limit on the number of nights spent on the walking safari. It is however suggested that at least three nights are booked. Guests camp out in one of three camps specifically designed for comfort in the bush. Luggage is transported by vehicle between camps to give guest the opportunity to have full enjoyment of the walk, without having to carry any luggage.

A walking safari means coming closer to the roar of the lion, the howl of the hyena, the cry of the jackal and the whistle of the pearl-spotted owl during starry nights around the campfire. A walking safari compliments the magnificence of a sunrise, a full moon and sightings simply not possible from a vehicle or the comforts of a lodge.

Horse Safaris
Horizon Horseback Mashatu is honoured with the reputation of having the finest schooled horses on the African continent. Surrounded by a multitude of Africa's flora and fauna, come and explore this breath-taking terrain from horseback, in the company of experienced African equestrian hosts who have extensive knowledge and experience of the bush. There is nothing more exhilarating than galloping on horseback alongside herds of antelope, over the wild open plains of Mashatu, kicking dust into the sunset sky.

The Mashatu Horse Safari can be enjoyed as an ad-hoc activity or as an overnight multi-day adventure.

Adhoc Horse Safari: Horizon Horseback Mashatu is recognized as having the best schooled horses of all the horse safari operators in Africa. The experiences may differ from Mashatu to the Okavango Delta, to the deserts of Namibia to the migrations of Tanzania and Kenya, but one thing agreed on by all visitors and horse operators alike, is that the Horizon Horseback Mashatu horses are the most well trained as well as the ‘most forward’ of the other operators.\

Multi-day Adventure: There are combinations of horse safaris from which the guest can choose including multi-day, camp wild experiences.

Please note that only competent and regular horse riders should consider this activity as the adventure Mashatu operator will, in the interests of safety, test the skills and ability of the horse riders. The experienced staff will terminate the reservation if the guest is not skilled enough to ride through wild country where dangerous animals roam.

Mashatu Photographic Hides
This concession on Mashatu comprises a resident wildlife photographer, based at Mashatu Lodge and photographic hides in two selected sites plus a mobile hide on the reserve. Guests at Mashatu can enlist the photographic expertise of the photographer or simply visit one of the hides during their stay which will be charged as an additional activity over and above the daily rates for accommodation.

The photographic hide is a structure built to maximise the photographic potential of the animals that visit them. The hide can be used to view wildlife in the normal manner, but have been positioned with consideration of the angle of the sun, the background and the angle which the viewer occupies in relation to the animals and birds.

The most famous of these hides is the 'elephant hide', renowned for the photographic images taken of elephant and other animals drinking from the water's edge. The PhotoMashatu hide offers both the amateur or professional photographer the most unique and delightful opportunities to record a memorable safari at Mashatu.

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Land of the Giants
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