Grace Cafayate

On an isolated peninsula and enchanted on the northwest coast of Madagascar, Anjajavy le Lodge awaits your discovery. Set along on sandy beaches azure waters and encircled by a fabulous forest reserve, Anjajavy reflects the rich diversity and untouched beauty of Madagascar and the natural warm hospitality of its people. The hotel is composed of a central building facing a fifty year old coconut grove and twenty four villas made of palissandre wood scattered throughout a garden landscape.

Anjajavy le Lodge has laid out and cleared the secret paths which lead to the 7 creeks: you will often be alone in this world, facing the Mozambique channel. At most there might be a few fishing boats with triangular sails crossing the horizon to interrupt your gaze. As for the beach, you won’t have to look far for it, the coral tsingys border it and it continues all along the lodge, plus the 200 metre infinity pool is filled with sea water.

The Magical Gardens are where the Souimanga Sunbirds, the Malagasy Kingfishers and the Malagasy Paradise Flycatchers take refuge. The pond attracts frogs and chameleons, and the canopies of the flourishing trees surrounding it are the playground for groups of lemurs, whose wild nature is carefully preserved, for the great enjoyment of the guests.

Each of the 24 rosewood villas borders the main beach of the huge private estate of the lodge. All the villas have a spacious terrace facing the sea, a living room with a salon and a bedroom. A Japanese staircase rises to the upper floor where a rest room has been created which can also serve as an office or a bedroom for children or friends. The bathroom is equipped with a large corner bath and the toilets are separate. A silent and individual air conditioning system keeps the bedroom at an ideal temperature.

Premium Villas

4 villas of the Lodge are offered with a PREMIUM location. No overlooked or passage allows you to enjoy fully and in complete privacy the heavenly view and the charm of the environment. Escape secretly into the lost world of Anjajavy.


The activities in Anjajavy could easily fill a ten-day stay. There are so many things to do if you are queen on wildlife, nautical activities or village tours.

The Giant’s causeway and the Kings’ Avenue Through the forest to see the tsingy (eroded limestone or coral pinnacles) and to discover areas of Madagascar flora and fauna only found here.

“Crab Highway”

Meet the baobabs, the hairy crab, the eroded limestone and the birds, finishing with a vist to a small cave.

The cave of the Sakalava

Venture in a 4×4 and then on foot to the underworld of stalagmites and stalactites and the inhabitants: the Madagascar bats.

From creek to creek

Walk from the Anjajavy peninsula along its wild and deserted creeks. A Robinson Crusoe journey, with a picnic on one of the beaches where nothing will disturb your peace.

Antafiamoara “the Port of Amulets” and the giant tortoises

You will visit a young coconut grove and small caves at the base of magnificent tsingy mogots. During this excursion, you will learn about the first project aimed at repatriating the Giant tortoise back into Madagascar. Twelve individuals of the species Aldabrachelys gigantea – extinct in Madagascar for 750 years – were introduced to Anjajavy Reserve by the lodge in July 2018. They are currently being held in semi-captive conditions close to their natural habitat, before a complete reintroduction is to be conducted under scientific supervision.

A visit to the village of Anjajavy

Every Sunday morning, under the great mango tree of the village, it is market day for the little fishing village of Anjajavy. Come by sea, in a motor boat or a catamaran, or in a 4×4 to meet the villagers.

Visit to the village of Ambodro Ampasy

In motor boat or pirogue, you can visit the dispensary and the primary school started by the NGO, “Ecole du Monde”, as well as the crafts shop established by theAssociation of the Friends of Anjajavy (ADA). You can take part in the development of the village and help the local population by buying Madagascan craft goods made by the villagers.



Water skiing

Catamaran (accompanied)


Kayak on the sea or in the mangrove

Private boat trip on the sea or in the mangrove

Excursion to Moramba Bay

No road leads to Anjajavy…Only a few paths which gradually fade away lead from the town of Majunga to the lodge. This is why you will discover Anjajavy le Lodge by a private plane which will land you gently in the heart of the reserve. Then a private flight will fly you over the west coast of the Grande Ile for 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach the peninsula of Anjajavy.