Governors' Mugie House

Governors’ Mugie House is the latest addition to the Governors’ Camp Collection, and perfectly combines with our other properties, expanding an already diverse array of wildlife locations and activities. Perfect property for exclusive use!

Perched on a hill are eight stone cottages, each with sweeping views of the Laikipia landscape.  A large main house with open log fires will host guests for relaxing cocktails and scrumptious meals, prepared from a creative menu with ingredients sourced from our own vegetable garden. An infinity pool offers lovely shaded areas and a casual alfresco dining area, while a waterhole set in front of Mugie House attracts a variety of wildlife with a hide to offer some close encounters. 

The location is Mugie Conservancy, a private wildlife conservancy in Laikipia of almost 50’000 acres hosting an array of impactful community and conservation programs. 

Securing land for wildlife is a key conservation imperative in Africa today and Mugie Conservancy provides a key wildlife access route between the Laikipia plateau, the Mathews Range and the Samburu lands to the north and east. Vast acacia-dotted savannahs, olive forests and scrubby bush are a haven to a multitude of wildlife in plentiful numbers, including key endemic northern Kenyan species such as Grevy’s Zebra, Jackson’s Hartebeest and Reticulated Giraffe.  

Mugie Conservancy is at the forefront of conservation, operating as a low-impact cattle ranch alongside preserving the delicate and productive eco-systems that host abundant wildlife. Mugie supports cheetah and wild dog research with the Cheetah and Wild Dog Project, and lion research through collaring and monitoring with Lion Landscapes. Cutting edge community grazing programs and community empowerment projects through micro-economic assistance have encouraged engagement and investment from the local community in the conservation goals of Mugie.

Twin and Double Cottages (6 rooms)
Ensuite stone cottages are furnished with fireplaces and luxurious baths. Each enjoys an expansive view over the landscape or over the colourful Mugie House garden. 

Suite with Private Pool (2 rooms)
Two Suites enjoy a private plunge pool on their verandahs, with views out over the Laikipia plains.

Family Cottage (1 room)
Ensuite double and twin rooms are interconnected by a spacious lounge area, and a wide verandah with private plunge pool.

Day and Night Game Drives
Traditional shared game drives with a dedicated, highly qualified and experienced guide are available daily, in our specially-designed vehicles.  Explore the varying landscape of Mugie, from the dam to olive tree forests and acacia scrubland, host to a wealth of diverse wildlife, including northern endemic species Grevy Zebra, Jackson's Hartebeest, Reticulate Giraffe and Gerenuk.  Included in the accommodation price.

Tala the Reticulated Giraffe
Tala is most definitely one of Mugie's ‘cast of characters’! At just a few days old, Tala was brought to Mugie Conservancy by a local herder after she began following his herd of goats. She was cared for by Margaret, who quickly became her surrogate mother. Now four years old, she wanders freely within the conservancy, but often returns to her chosen ‘home’ at the Head Quarters - where the staff are quite accustomed to being overseen by this towering presence!

Mugie Dam
The third largest private dam in Kenya, Mugie Dam in the heart of the conservancy, is an important water source for the abundant animals and birdlife, where a few hours hours can easily be passed watching the wildlife pageantry. Bring a fishing rod and a cool box of refreshing drinks and while some time away at the dam's edge trying to catch tilapia and catfish.

Anti-Poaching Unit
Mugie Conservancy's anti-poaching team is headed up by the Mugie bloodhounds and their handlers. Visit their headquarters to learn about the work they do, and experience the power of their keen scenting skills with a tracking demonstration.

Big Cat Tracking
Research on predators in the area has seen a cheetah and a lion collared in order to monitor their movements and better understand where interactions occur that can lead to human-wildlife conflict. Head out with the researchers to track these Big Cats and learn more about the work being done to allow pastoralists and wildlife to live alongside each other.

Sundowners and Bush Picnics
Mugie's undulating landscape offers some excellent lookout points for a perfect sundowner or bush picnic.

Guided Bush Walks
Get up close with nature on a foot safari and experience the untamed beauty of the Laikipia region. Being out of a car will allow you to get down to the same level as the wildlife and the smaller creatures that inhabit this incredible ecosystem. Learn all about them and their importance from your guide.

Waterhole Hide
A hide has been set up near the waterhole in front of Mugie House. Take some drinks and snacks and while away a few hours watching the numerous visitors passing by, from an up-close angle.

Mugie Conservancy has a 9-hole golf course, for enjoying a round. The golf course is also a perfect place for a walk or jog, or a spot of birdwatching!

Ranching and Farming
Mugie Conservancy is at the forefront of conservation, operating as a low-impact cattle ranch and farm alongside preserving the delicate and productive ecosystems that host abundant wildlife, and provide key corridors for wildlife between the Laikipia plateau, the Mathews Range and the Samburu lands to the north and east.

Guests are welcomed to visit the ranching and farm operations to understand how each functions alongside securing essential habitat for wildlife.

Mugie Trading Stock has brought about a new era of community livestock management, based on the premise of shared resources. This is a program unique to Mugie, it's a program from which all parties benefit and furthers conservation, environmental and ecological conscientiousness. Saturday is Mugie's 'Dip Day' - a fascinating experience for those that wish to see this cutting-edge program for themselves.

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