Mboko Camp

A combination of wide-open grasslands, gentle rivers and towering forests result in a place of peace and adventure, in equal measure. Explore on foot, by vehicle and by boat. The closest of the camps to the private airstrip, Mboko is the epicenter of the Kamba Congo offerings (formerly Congo Conservation Company tourism operations). At Mboko, activities are a combination of walking, boating and kayaking through some of the Congo Basin’s most beautiful habitats. Short drives may be required between experiences. 

The 12 en-suite rooms are all located in the tree-line and overlook a fresh river, the perfect swimming spot to cool off on a hot day.

The lounge, dining room and bar sit in the middle of a large grassy clearing. Elevated and open-sided, the thatched area has 360 degree views of the forest, plains and river from plenty of plush couches and padded bench seats. To one side, there's a lovely bar area with a stylish wooden counter top, and on the other is the dining room, where home-cooked fare is served for lunch and dinner. There's another spot down by the river with a bar and a few chairs that's perfect for an evening drink, and the wooden viewing deck hosts an impressive brass fire pit at its centre.

Standard Suites

Ten double rooms are located on the banks of a tributary to Lekoli River. After dark you will be serenaded in your comfortable thatched cabin by a chorus of forest and river sounds. The canopy offers a sense of privacy, and you can enjoy sitting out on the covered deck in comfortable lounge chairs.

Other Rooms

Two family suites, also located on the banks of the river, offer extra space for small families with children. 

Unforgettable game viewing experiences, including by boat, safari vehicle and on foot. In addition to lowland gorillas, a further 11 primate species are also present, along with over 100 mammal species including forest elephants, buffaloes, leopards and hyenas. Exciting occasional sightings include bongos and golden cats.

With the unusual location between the Savannah and a River inside the Congo’s Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Mboko Camp offer activities suited to the area. A large number of different walks, including walking in the knee deep water as well as adventure trails are complemented by boating trips down the Lekoli River and of course the regular game drives. Apart from forest buffalo and forest elephants, you might also see the putty nose monkey and dwarf crocodiles to name but a few. Overall, a great option for guests who enjoy being active!

Game drives from Mboko explore the surrounding savannah areas and are top-notch for spotting forest elephant and buffalo by day, and hyena, aardvark and serval by night. Forest elephants, forest buffalo, snouted crocodiles and harnessed bushbuck are just some of the species you're likely to see here, and nowhere else. Take to the water and drift down the river in a traditional pirogue or kayak, or lace up your walking boots and navigate the bais and shallow streams on foot in search of putty-nosed monkeys. All activities can be combined to make the most of all the forest has to offer. There’s even mountain biking available between camps for the super motivated.