Londolozi Founders Camp

Enchanting, intimate and child-friendly, Founders Camp is ideally situated to provide an insider’s view of the secrets of river life. Ten idyllic superior chalets repose in the shade of ancient matumi trees along the banks of the Sand River. Three of these superior chalets have been especially designed to accommodate families on safari with a convertible children’s room.

This lodge has a ‘bushveld Bohemia’ style in which nature-based colours are accentuated by wallpaper and handmade cushions for a contemporary safari feel. Founders Camp uses recycled elements of nature in their most natural and raw form.

Founders Camp is also home to the Londolozi yoga deck, a wonderful sanctuary suspended high in the arms of a 500-year-old ebony tree.  Inclusive daily classes are held whilst nyala, bushbuck and monkeys abound.  On special occasions elephants will move through the riverine bushveld below.


  • Ten Superior Chalets
  • Suitable for modern day traveling family
  • Children must be six years and over
  • Interleading skywalks between superior chalets – offering quick and safe access between the two rooms


    • The modern day travelling family

    Game Drives

    Game drives at Londolozi are taken by professional, passionate and knowledgeable rangers and trackers, who amongst them have a wealth of 350 years of experience. With over 16 000 hectares of traversing wilderness, no two game drives are ever the same. Trackers sit up at the front of the Land Rover looking for fresh animal tracks, while rangers drive with astonishing skill into ravines and through thicket in pursuit of elusive animals, simultaneously wowing guests with their outstanding knowledge and unforgettable stories.

    Many of the rangers and trackers at Londolozi grew up living off the land in these parts and therefore have an unmatched knowledge of both the area and the elements of nature within this wilderness wonderland. Londolozi boasts two of South Africa’s only 17 master trackers, which only adds to the excellence of the team and the experience they are able to deliver.

    Come to Londolozi and embark on the experience of a lifetime. Allow our field guides to wow you with their knowledge, move you with their stories, and bring you one step closer to nature.

    Bush Walks

    Suitable for the beautiful balmy bushveld days in May, June and July; there is nothing like walking in a winter wilderness. Drift down a game trail into a dry riverbed. Feel the crisp morning rhythm of Africa with each step on the winding path as you let nature captivate you in her essence. There is no vehicle, no noise and no distractions. This is when nature speaks to you.


    The ancient art of tracking has been uniquely preserved at Londolozi. The combined wisdom of the Londolozi tracking team spans over 200 years of tracking experience. Our guests, during winter, are privileged to be able to witness this ancient art. On foot in search of the big cats, as well as Rhino and
    Buffalo…downwind…in silence…not moving a muscle and in very close proximity, is an experience which demands all your attention and which leaves you with indelible memories. Winter is the perfect time to pursue Africa’s most alluring wildlife; whilst in the presence of a master tracker applying an ancient art, miles from any Land Rover.

    The Cubs Den

    Our children’s programme is uniquely tailored for each child, many of whom are budding junior game rangers. Our approach is based on a personal interaction with each child and is energetic and flexible. We regard nature as the great educator and with no set routines we allow the child to discover the world of the outdoor classroom which surrounds them. Nature sets the agenda and we enable these young people to discover something of themselves.


    Yoga means ‘union’ in Sanskrit and refers to the bringing together of mind, body and spirit. Asanas, also a Sanskrit word, refers to the poses and postures developed in India to join mind and body in spiritual awareness.
    At Londolozi we have added the powerful elements of nature to the yoga experience, using both the natural energy of the location and tailor made Asanas, to create a yoga form which is suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners.
    You are free to schedule a private yoga session in your room or in the shade of your deck. Alternatively, daily classes are held on the yoga deck at Founders Camp. Please ask your camp manager for class times. We look forward to you joining us to greet the sun and strengthen the vital life of the body.


    Massage has been practiced as a healing therapy for centuries and it is even considered by some to be the oldest form of medical practice. The proven powers of massage, to provide release from stress and to promote increased blood flow and healing, make it a wonderful addition to any holiday.
    The massage room at Londolozi Life was designed by a holistic therapist to create a space in harmony with the elements, ensuring a meditative experience that quietens the mind, rejuvenates energy and creates inner balance.
    Therapies include Swedish and Thai massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki healing. All therapies are available in either our massage room, in the privacy of your suite or out in the wilderness.

    Astronomy Lectures

    Have you ever been introduced to the wonderment of the great universe? Latest pictures from the Hubble telescope open up an entirely new world of discovery which tells us of endless space beyond comprehension. At Londolozi the rangers are trained to take you on a mystical late night journey of
    reflection and introspection. On a cold, clear winter’s night, looking at the stars whilst holding a warm mug of hot chocolate makes for a truly memorable evening.

    Campfires - Storytelling - Red Wine

    Campfires, storytelling, red wine and good company are the hallmark of any winter safari. Coming from a long line of storytellers, Londolozi’s history is steeped in the tradition of campfire yarns told late into the night. In each of the 5 exclusive camps you can hear the whispers of our ancestors and embodied in our history, are the legends and myths of the mysteries and adventures of safari. Each camp has its own spirit and each has its own campfire which awaits you.


    The birdlife at Londolozi represents a magic of diversity in perpetual motion and offers the visitor an entirely new frontier in wilderness engagement. A wide array of sunbirds seeking nectar from the flowering aloes is winter’s gift to the discerning birder, not to mention the other 450 species
    which abound in these landscapes. Many fine ornithologist guides reside at Londolozi.


    No two days are the same at Londolozi and the experience is tailored to suit individual preferences and expectations. Still, there is a certain rhythm and pace to the experience that stirs a sense of homecoming on repeat visits and a pleasing sense of order for first time bushveld visitors.

    Life at Londolozi is dictated by the seasons; the vegetation and the animal behaviour shift with the rains of summer and the chill of winter. What is unchanging is the warmth of your welcome by your camp manager and the opportunity to experience a deep and authentic connection with the natural world.

    Summer Schedule

    (This is a rough guideline of what to expect.  Each safari experience is tailor made and may differ from day to day.)

    • 5:00 Rise and shine
    • 5:30 Sunrise Game drive
    • ±9:30 Breakfast
    • Between Game Drive Optional Activities: Bush Walk/Photographic Studio/Village Experience/Massage/Good Work Foundation Community Experience/Inclusive Yoga Class/Boutique Shopping
    • +1:30 Lunch
    • 16:00 Afternoon Tea
    • 16:15 Sunset Game Drive
    • ±19:30 Dinner

    Getting into step with the rhythm of nature is the first order of business. Witnessing the start of the day in the African bush is like being invited to partake in a daily miracle. A dawn chorus of birdsong and the haunting calls of fish eagles, the air rich with the night flowers’ perfume and delightfully cool. By 7:30am the magic hours have passed, and soon the animals will sink into the torpor brought on by the midday heat.

    On returning from the drive and fortifying yourself with breakfast you can either retire to the cool sanctuary of your chalet or indulge a myriad of bushveld activities which include the following: Between Game Drive Optional Activities: Bush Walk/Photographic Studio/Village Experience/Massage/Good Work Foundation Community Experience/Inclusive Yoga Class/Boutique Shoppping

    In spring and summer, the early evening air along the Sand River often carries the aroma of baked potato. Far from drifting from the camp kitchens, this scent emanates from the tiny pink flowers of a scrambling scrub called the Potato Bush. Breathe in this most distinctive of bushveld smells and let it come to be associated with the anticipation of your evening game drive.

    Winter Schedule

    (This is a rough guideline of what to expect.  Each safari experience is tailor made and may differ from day to day.)

    • 5:30 Rise and shine
    • 6:00 Sunrise Game drive
    • ±10:00 Breakfast/Brunch
    • Between Game Drive Optional Activities: Bush Walk/Photographic Studio/Village Experience/Massage/Good Work Foundation Community Experience/Inclusive Yoga Class/Boutique Shopping
    • 15:00 High Tea
    • 15:30 Sunset Game Drive
    • ±19:00 Dinner

    The bushveld is breathtaking during the cool, dry months of winter between April and September. The days are balmy, the mornings crisp and clear, and the bush is a miracle of changing colours and unobstructed game viewing.

    We encourage you to rise before first light to join the early game drive – your every sense will be rewarded. As the sun rises, the booming snorts of hippo fill the air, while lions can be spotted in pursuit of any last traces of nocturnal food.

    On returning from the drives and restoring yourself with breakfast you can either retire to the sanctuary of your chalet or indulge a myriad of bushveld activities which include the following: Between Game Drive Optional Activities: Bush Walk/Photographic Studio/Village Experience/Massage/Good Work Foundation Community Experience/Inclusive Yoga Class/Boutique Shoppping

    Winter evenings are also a feast for the senses. Drink in all the postcard images around you: the bare thorn tree, silhouetted against a vast red sunset as the first glimmering stars appear.


    Every month of the year offers something unique for visitors. This calendar includes the very best of each month.


    Why you should visit:
    It’s the height of summer during January and it’s at this time that you can expect hot days, often resulting in spectacular thunderstorms. The scent of rain on dry earth is a highlight of the summer months and the land comes alive in variegated greens from the lush grasses to leafy treetops that provide a delicious feast for tall browsers such as elephants and giraffes.

    During summer you will have the opportunity to photograph dramatic thunderstorms, vibrant colours and wildlife in extremely good condition. Come and speak to us at the Londolozi Studio for  photographic advice, canvas printing or camera rentals to enhance your safari experience.


    Why you should visit: 
    It’s the month of love and as you’ll come to experience during your stay, there is plenty of love going around.  Honeymoon couples can enjoy a romantic safari and even have a private game vehicle customised for two! Enjoy windless nights around the campfire, a game drive, and dinner under a sea of stars surrounded by the soft glow of candlelight.


    Why you should visit: 
    The summer rains mostly fall between November to February each year, however the bushveld remains alive with flowering plants as the progression towards Autumn begins.  It is not uncommon to see many beautiful blooms attracting antelopes that take advantage of the plentiful food sources. While the Big Five often attract the most attention, there’s a world at your feet to marvel at.

    Clumps of mauve/blue bluebell barleria (Baleria spa); the bunched head of bright scarlet firecracker flowers (Crossandra spp) and the mauve indigo flowers (Indigofera sp) with small bean pods are all part of an array of smaller flowering plants to admire. Days are mild during March making game drives pleasant at any time of the day.


    Why you should visit:
    April is a wonderful time with warm, sunny days and crisp evenings. The beginning of Autumn’s chill starts to creep in and is noticeable in the drop in temperature during the evenings. During this time, the landscape is still wonderfully lush owing to summer rains, however big breeding herds of elephants begin to spend more time in and around the Sand River. April is also the month of the impala rut and many interesting sightings of these animals interacting, fighting and mating with each other are possible.


    Why you should visit:
    May marks the beginning of the Winter Calendar at Londolozi. It’s during this time that the reserve offers a variety of activities best suited to the winter months. Think tracking, bush breakfasts, wine tasting and stargazing. Huddle around a fire while enjoying some of South Africa’s finest wines under star-studded skies. The benefit of this time is that the insects of summer have left and you need not worry about bugs!

    Winter skies in South Africa are at their clearest during the months of May, June, July and August. Londolozi is one of the best places to see stars without the pollution and lights that limit stargazing in cities and areas where there are large populations of people. Take along your camera and practice your night photography capturing the African skies at their brightest.


    Why you should visit:
    In winter the sacred coral tree steals the show with its conspicuous red flower spikes. These tube-like flowers appear from June through to October. It’s also aloe flowering season making for attractive displays. The nectar is a magnet for a variety of bird species such as starlings, weavers, orioles and butterflies. Despite the early morning chill, the days are balmy and grasses are short making your morning game drive longer and easier to spot wildlife.

    Wild Dog viewing can often be more productive in the winter.  Should a pack of wild dogs choose a den-site on Londolozi or the surrounding properties, the likelihood of regular sightings is greatly enhanced as the dogs localise their vast movements and hunt almost daily.


    Why you should visit: 
    It is now the height of winter where the days are cool and the animals are a lot more active during the daytime. This means that your chances of seeing a lot more action taking place are increased. The summer rains have dried up but for a few pans, dams and rivers where animals congregate and interactions play out.


    Why you should visit:
    The pans have dried up and large breeding herds of elephants are frequently seen throughout the Sand River and often from camp. This localisation of water, also makes predator viewing spectacular as the big cats spend time around water points ambushing their prey.


    Why you should visit:
    September is the start of spring in South Africa, however the bush remains golden brown, with dusty sunsets owing to the long winter. The spring rain has not yet arrived, however the first glimpses of green shoots and leaves start to appear.


    Why you should visit:
    During this time plants and grasses begin to resurface attracting sunbirds, sugarbirds and insect pollinators. It’s the end of the dry season and days start to become warmer as we head into the summer months. Birding at this time of the year is at its best with the return of summer migrants. Look out for the red-chested cuckoo, carmine, white-fronted and little bee-eaters as well as the many other fancy feathered birds that make the long trek from the cold northern hemisphere to the much warmer south.


    Why you should visit:
    This is the start of lambing season when impalas give birth to their young. There is nothing as exciting as seeing young newborns springing up in all corners of the reserve. The lambs are very skittish being vulnerable to predators and tend to stay close to their mom at all times for protection.

    Towards the last week of November, a mass of wildebeest calves are born.  Many survive these initial weeks on earth, however there are a few which are hunted by lions and leopards. Their small size and lack of experience make them easy targets for big cats.


    Why you should visit:
    The Londolozi choir arrives in full force. Frogs of all sorts ring out beautiful melodies that harmonise with the sounds of  crickets chirping. Along with frogs, summer time brings great tortoise and butterfly sightings. It’s also at this time that you can experience long fiery sunsets and windless evenings.




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