Quino El Guardian

Situated in a remote location on a white sandy beach on the northern shores of Mozambique, lies the gorgeous and rustic Nuarro Lodge. Its surrounded by turquoise waters, forest and mangroves and its virtually unknown to the outside world. With so much to do you are in your own little slice of heaven here, enjoy an array of water and land activities and take a trip to the lighthouse where you can experience some of the most glorious views over the bay.

This is a hidden gem with rustic but super comfortable rooms that open up onto the most beautiful beach.They are perfectly placed for those glorious sunsets and sunrises, and you always wake up to loads of different footprints outside your room (there is definitely some good wildlife around here). The staff are all fantastic and the food is excellent. I was very impressed with the diving and snorkeling here too, lots to see and right off the beach. This place is awesome.

Almost everything at Nuarro Lodge is made naturally and locally, they strive to support the local communities around the area, even the uniforms are made by the local tailor. The lodge funds numerous development projects as well as being involved in education. Currently, two school rooms have been built and they plan to add more when they can. The lodge has even worked hard with the locals to encourage no fishing to protect the bay and is having a positive effect on repopulating the area. The resort is made up of 10 chalets, 2 are family cottages. Cottages are cooled by ocean breezes. The design of the lodge is rustic and unassuming but incredibly comfortable. It offers the perfect escape to its guests if you want a break from the outside world. It’s good to note too that everything is run on solar electricity, so no need for the luxuries such as hairdryers here. Get involved in the activities or relax in remote paradise…a heavenly and secluded getaway if you enjoy the simpler things in life.

If you enjoy water-based sports (apart from fishing of course) there are a number of exciting activities offered by Nuarro. Snorkel from the shore or head out on the boat to some wonderful diving spots, 3 of them being right in the bay itself. Kayak the mangroves or sail in a traditional dhow. If you prefer to stay on land you can head to the local village and indulge in some of the Mozambique culture, or just relax on the sandy beach with a good book and cocktail in hand.