Gibb's Farm

Deeply rooted in African culture and community, Gibb's Farm imparts a sense of well-being, tranquility and history in a rustic luxury environment. While on safari in Tanzania, the Farm is a peaceful sanctuary to rejuvenate the senses. The Farm features cozy, well-appointed cottages, breath-taking scenery and wildlife and unique cultural activities that allow you to fully experience the rhythms and beauty of the farm, community and nature. Gibb’s Farm’s rustic charm and gracious accommodations provide an ideal sanctuary for a few day’s respite while on safari. The 1929 farmhouse and five cottages comprised the original guesthouse in 1972. Today, there are 17 guest cottages featuring a unique theme and richly appointed with eucalyptus floors, hand-crafted furniture, two queen-size beds, indoor and outdoor showers, a fireplace and private verandah. A cottage with a common living area and two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms is available for families or couples traveling together.

Shamba is the Swahili word for “farm.” The verandah of Shamba House is the perfect place to enjoy the peace and solitude of the surrounding farmland and gardens. Robert Aswani’s “Shamba” painting illustrates the farm’s gardeners tending the fruits and vegetables enjoyed by Gibb’s Farm’s guests.

Healthy, farm fresh cuisine and attentive, gracious hospitality defines the iconic nature of the dining experience at Gibb’s Farm. Our organic farm-to-table cuisine stimulates the senses and provides sustenance to restore, replenish and energize. Garden grown organic vegetables and locally raised meats, farm-fresh milk, cream and baked goods provide the healthy, nutritious ingredients for our sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Activities and Services

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Choose from a wide array of experiences giving you a rich insight into sustainable farming methods, tribal folklore, Maasai legends, traditional Tanzanian village life, and East African art. You can opt to wander around the farm, help out with baking, harvesting or coffee roasting, take a variety of walks in the surrounding areas, visit the local rural community on a cycling safari, experience a wildlife safari in Lake Manyara National Park, or volunteer for various community programmes.

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Safari - Lake Manyara

In Lake Manyara National Park, you can see giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, ostrich, elephant, bushbuck, aardvarks and the occasional leopard, while the lake attracts over 380 species of birds, including flamingoes, pelicans, storks, cormorants, Egyptian geese and spur-winged geese.

A delicious gourmet picnic on safari with farm fresh bread and produce tops the experience.

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Traditional African Massage Treatments

A variety of treatments, tailored to suit your needs, are offered within the privacy of your cottage. Based on Maasai healing techniques, the naturally derived treatments draw from over 50 different indigenous plants and offer a complete sensory experience.

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Farm Walks - Around the Farm

Gibb’s Farm offers many different walks, depending upon your interests and desired activity level.

Experience a real working farm as you explore our organic 10-acre fruit and vegetable gardens and 30-acre coffee fields.

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Walking Safaris - Village Walk

This leisurely two-hour walk around our neighboring village of Tloma provides a personal look at Tanzanian village life.

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Wildlife Safaris - Hippo Pools Sunset Safari Outing

After an early lunch, experience a guided afternoon drive through the famous Manyara National Park to see hippos gathered at sunset at the Hippo Pools. Enjoy drinks and snacks as you marvel at these magnificent creatures.

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Cycling Safaris

Explore the back roads of the village by bicycle or for the more adventurous, take a mountain bike day trip to Rotia, an unforgettable way to experience rural Tanzania.

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Community & Cultural Experiences - Artists-in-Residence

Through Gibb’s Farm’s artists-in-residence program, East African artists stay at the farm and create commissioned artwork. Meet some of East Africa’s most talented artists, learn about their influences and inspiration and watch them create their artwork, which is available for purchase.

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Safari - Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater boasts more than 30,000 animals, in and around the crater, including lion, hippo, hyena, wildebeest, zebra, African buffalo and more. You will soon see why Ngorongoro Crater is considered to be among the world’s great wonders!

A delicious gourmet picnic on safari with farm fresh bread and produce tops the experience

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Community & Cultural Experiences - Cultural Journey

Outing to Tloma, a nearby village, where you have the opportunity to meet a local family and learn about Iraqw culture and traditional ways of life. Discover the age-old process of making pots, try your hand at pounding grain and taste the local brew.

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Community & Cultural Experiences - Helping Hands Safari

Get to know a culture and people while on safari by lending a helping hand for the communities that support your vacation or travel experience. Gibb’s Farm offers different opportunities to get involved, including School Desk and Furniture Carpentry and Erosion Control Tree Planting.

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Community & Cultural Experiences - Karatu Town Tour

A tour of Karatu, where you will visit various businesses such as the market, a local bar and hair salon, and observe daily life in this African town.

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Community & Cultural Experiences - Tloma Primary School Visit

Meet the students and teachers at Tloma Primary School, and learn firsthand about the successes and challenges of education in rural Tanzania.

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Wildlife Safaris - Lake Manyara Night Drive

One of the best ways to observe rarely-seen nocturnal animals as park guides take you on a wondrous night of discoverya to Lake Manyara National Park.

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Walking Safaris - Farm to Ngorongoro Crater Rim Hike

Guided by a Gibb’s Farm naturalist and rangers from Ngorongoro Conservation Area, this exciting 6-7 hour wilderness hike takes you to awe-inspiring, untouched forests where you will encounter unique plant life, animals and rare birds. A medium - high level of fitness is required.

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Walking Safaris - Waterfall/Elephant Caves Walk

On this two-hour hike through the forested slopes of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, you will discover a magnificent waterfall and incredible “elephant caves” created by elephants digging up the earth to ingest the vitamin-rich soil. You may see buffalo, bushbuck, waterbuck and baboons, also attracted by the soil.

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Farm Walks - Garden Walk

A 40 minute stroll through eight historic gardens with Horticulturist Lazaro Msasi Gwandu.

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Farm Walks - Indigenous Medicinal Walk

Indigenous Maasai healers lead you through the Ngorongoro Forest, where over 20 medicinal plants commonly used in Tanzania to treat health problems are described.

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Farm Walks - Ngorongoro Forest Walk

A Gibb’s Farm naturalist is your guide for this tranquil two-hour walk through the farm and into the Ngorongoro Forest. Discover more than 200 species of birds, dozens of native plants and trees, and an incredibly diverse array of wildlife.










Eco-minded Gibbs Farm is a model of sustainability with tree planting projects, water ecology and state of the art recycling and refuse disposal methods. For over 27 years, Gibb’s Farm has practiced sustainable, environmentally-respectful farming methods. The farm has won numerous awards, including the Tanzania Tourist Board’s 2011 Sustainable Tourism Award. Gibbs Farm also benefits a variety of community projects including a visit to the local village. Meet the students and teachers at Tloma Primary School, and learn firsthand about the successes and challenges of education in rural Tanzania or spend a few hours alongside the farm carpenters constructing school desks for the Gibbs School Desk Project. These are just a few ways that you can give back while enjoying your stay at Gibbs Farm.

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