Mantadia Lodge

Mantadia Lodge opened its doors in 2018 with a lovely hilltop location allowing for panoramic views of the forest. This stylish hotel offer 25 rooms including 10 Twins and 1 family suite for 5 people. All the rooms offer you the comfort and convenience with wifi, cable TV, panoramic views from private terraces, indoor lounge and a wood stove for the cool season. The restaurant was also designed with an exceptional view thanks to its huge bay windows and a large terrace for meals outdoors. There is a bar and a lounge with a reading corner. In the morning you may be awakened by the song of the Indri Indri, these lemurs that can only be seen in Andasibe Park. The hotel also has an infinity pool and 2 massage rooms. The lodge whole team is waiting for you to make your stay unforgettable.

The lodge has 25 rooms and suites enjoy panoramic views, gardens and sun terraces. Contemporary interiors are tasteful with cedar finishes, a wood-burning stove and floor-to-ceiling windows. En suites are spacious and modern, equipped with the latest technology.

Private terrace for each bungalow with panoramic view

Lounge area with wood stove


Satellite TV

Shower with panoramic view

Fiber Optic Connection

Independent wifi for each room

Within 10 minutes’ from the entrance to Madagascar's Perinet Reserve, or a short stroll to the local community, Mantadia Lodge is perfect to base yourself for a few days of exploring locally, as well as being the close to explore Mantadia National Park. You can hear even hear the haunting song of the indri indri (the largest living and very rare lemur) from nearby forests early in the morning.

Perinet Special Reserve

The lush rainforest of the 810-ha Perinet Special Reserve is undoubtedly the best place to see Madagascar’s largest lemur, the Indri. With a barely visible tail, black and white markings and a surprised teddy–bear face, this Lemur is one of the few animals in the world that cannot survive in captivity. Its haunting call can be heard for up to 3km in the forest.

When you've finished enjoying the closest encounters with the 'dog-man' Indri that Madagascar has to offer, there are a further 11 species of lemur to go in search for. You may find a troop of grey bamboo lemurs, common brown lemur, or the beautiful diademed sifaka. Birders will be looking out for several specialities including the gorgeous, rare velvet asity, the Madagascar flufftail, pygmy kingfisher, blue coua, nuthatch vanga, collared nightjar, among other endemics. Perinet is also one of the best spots in Madagascar to look for reptiles. As you walk through the rainforest, you will spot the incredibly ornate Satanic leaf-tailed gecko and upwards of five chameleon species. Look out too for some of the many stunning endemic orchid species adorning the canopy, and the bizarre giraffe-necked weevils whizzing past, one of Madagascar's most charismatic little rainforest denizens.

Mantadia National Park

Mantadia offers some of the best encounters in Madagascar with the country's largest lemur, the Indri, as well as some of the lesser-seen species including the beautiful diademed sifaka, the grey bamboo lemur, the red-bellied Lemur and the stunningly attractive humbug-coloured black-and-white ruffed lemur.

Few reserves can offer such a good chance of encounters with so many sought-after lemurs. While the trails are slightly more difficult, the rewards are great as the old-growth forest is far more pristine, diverse and impressive than Perinet. There is top-level birding here, with several ground-roller species (including the rare pitta-like and scaly), as well as other endemic rainforest specialities including red-breasted coua, pygmy kingfisher and white-throated rail. Mantadia is truly a naturalists goldmine with many seldom-seen species of mammals, reptiles and birds.