Astove Coral House

Astove is situated 1055km south-west of Mahé and forms part of the remote Aldabra group of atolls. It’s a small and unique atoll that spans six kilometers from north to south and just under four kilometers from east to west at the widest points.One of the most remote inhabited islands in Seychelles, Astove Atoll features the refurbished Coral House which caters to 6 - 12 guests per week in 6 single or double rooms.

It’s an environment which has had very little human impact placed on it in recent decades and is teaming with bird and marine life just waiting to be explored! The “Wall” of Astove is breathtakingly beautiful and is best described as looking down into the Grand Canyon. It consists of the flat and reef dropping a vertical 90 degrees from ankle deep water to over 1000 metres over a short distance. The “Wall” is still known as one of the best snorkeling and dive sites on this planet. (Closed May-Oct)

Coral House Room


Uninhabited since 1969, Astove makes for a wild experience. To ensure that the atoll stays pristine, Astove Coral House only caters from six to 12 guests per week. In 1968 Astove was occupied by the Veevers-Carter family who established a coconut plantation. They constructed a number of buildings including a large main house, chapel, store and accommodation for the workers. The small settlement they created, forms the basis of the accommodation used today. Surrounding a central courtyard, the Coral House has six charming and comfortable rooms. With en-suite bathrooms, the recently refurbished rooms offer relaxed accommodation in one of the most remote locations in the world. The key to the experience is how very little has been changed in the Coral House allowing guests a sense of how the Veevers-Carter family would have enjoyed the house.

The “Wall” is a breathtakingly beautiful sheer drop and is best described as looking down into an underwater Grand Canyon. The reef starts on the flat and then drops a vertical 90 degrees from ankle-deep water to more than 1000 metres over a short distance. The “Wall” is known as one of the best snorkeling and dive sites on this planet.

The terrain varies from hostile shore breaks on the windward side, to flat calm coral flats on the outside and snow-white sand flats inside the lagoon. This unique lagoon system is home to countless aquatic seabirds as well as the Caspian turn, dimorphic egret and red-tailed tropic bird along with a population of over 150 giant Aldabra tortoises.

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Amazing Astove Atoll
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