The little gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles, is truly picture-perfect. The gorgeous white-sand bays and the aquamarine ocean contrasts deliciously with the tan boulders honed smooth by the sea and the green lush tropical vegetation. Add to the experience great diving, snorkeling, hiking and kayaking and you will be seduced … even without mentioning the many excellent French-influenced restaurants with the freshest seafood or the otherworldly tranquility of the deserted beaches.

Seychelles is known as a true ecotourism destination and has done a great job protecting local flora and fauna, including an impressive list of endemic birds, giant tortoises, and marine parks teeming with underwater life. Sometimes hyped as the destination for millionaires – and there are a few fantastic super-exclusive hideaways for those who can and want to pay for them – the islands have plenty of choices for anyone’s budget. After all, it is the same bright blue sky, the same warm ocean, the same colorful reefs no matter where you stay!

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