Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge

Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge sits at a 7000-ft (2,161-meters) altitude on a magnificent ridge with stunning views across the rugged landscapes and the entire Virunga Volcanoes chain backdrop. Nineteen Rooms in eleven private cottages, two family-style villas and four luxurious suites sit above the Bwindi Forest canopy with distinctive elegance and startling luxury amid forest trees, flowers, and shrubs. Locally styled furnishings grace the spacious rooms, and light fills the space from private viewing decks over the forest swath and beyond the entire Virunga Volcanoes chain. 

At the highest point on the property sits a grand lounge building housing the dining, drinks and coffee bar spaces with expansive 360-degree views of the gorgeous rugged landscape.

Based on hundreds of reviews from guests, Nkuringo is an excellent base for gorilla trekking adventures in the south of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Nkuringo Sector (3 human-habituated gorilla families) and Rushaga Sector (8 human-habituated gorilla groups). 

Standard Garden Cottage


The 38-square-meter Standard Garden Cottages are our evolutionary pride that represent our humble beginning. The five beautifully renovated cottages have a calming location surrounded by rare trees and flower gardens. Each cottage has a private 15-sq-meter bathroom and a balcony for guests to enjoy calm mountain winds and twittering sounds from some of the rarest birds on the continent. Sinuous walkways, meticulously selected interior decor, furniture and award-wining room service are some of the amenities you get with the room.

Deluxe Garden Cottages


Privately hidden away in lush green gardens, each 45-square-foot cottage is individually built with volcano stone, crafted with African decor, spacious bathroom, furniture and a fireplace for colder nights, powered with solar and built with a veranda to enjoy the Bwindi Forest views and the Virunga Mountains Chains across the rugged region. The garden cottage is ideal for a solo traveller, friends sharing, or a couple on vacation.

2 Bedroom Garden Villa


Step down into one of the three two-bedroom villas with adjoining hallway doors and a veranda ideal for family or friends (4 pax). Each room is independent with a private bathroom, sitting area and fireplace for colder nights. Adorn yourself with beautiful views of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest at the comfy outside sitting area.

Luxury Forest Suite


Nestled in the hillside overlooking the misty jungle canopy, the three 98-square-meter luxurious suites span above Bwindi with distinctive elegance. Each suite is individually built with volcano stone, and crafted by local artisans with reusable material. The spacious bathrooms are fitted with an elegant bathtub positioned for incredible views over the steamy forest canopy. African decor, furniture, fireplace, and large outside sitting area. Private butler and exclusive room service for each suite.


Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge is thoughtfully comfortable and concentrates on cheerful African hospitality, which complements its superb location and function. From the lodge, you can access activities like:

* Tracking the elusive mountain gorillas in the misty rainforest

* Walking safaris across Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and around the lodge

* Amazing birdwatching experiences in the national park

* Walking with the native Batwa forest people in Buniga Forest

* Canoeing adventures on Lake Mutanda a few miles from the road

V* isiting the surrounding communities for an immersive cultural experience

* Picnic evenings at the top of the word, at the highest soccer field with incredible 360 views.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Uganda’s forests are home to over half the world’s 1004 or so mountain gorillas (as of May 2018) – the rest live in the neighboring Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As they do not survive in captivity, preservation of these fragile habitats is essential for their survival.

In Uganda mountain gorillas are found in two parks – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park – and tracking takes place at 5 locations. All locations combined give a total of over 20 gorilla groups and this figure includes two groups under habituation and one group only for researchers.

Max 8 people are allowed per each gorilla group and for maximum 1 hour. Permits are 700US$ (including Park Entrance Fee) or you can spend 4 hours with family of Gorilla under the Gorilla Habituation Experience for 1500US$

The minimum age for gorilla tracking is 15 years and there are specific behavior guidelines to follow. Due to the steep terrain, the thick vegetation and the high altitude, a good level of fitness is required.

The Nkuringo Walking Safari

The team of local enthaustic guides are eager to show you the warmth of friendship and hospitality Ugandan’s are well known for. Traveling with Nkuringo Walking Safaris you will be humbled and touched by the heart felt sincerity of the people you will meet on your journey. We provide the opportunity for you, the travellers, to immerse yourself in the fabric of rural Uganda few others get to experience.

Journey highlights include:
Views of the Virunga Volcanoes and day hikes to the Virungas
Journey by dugout canoe on Lake Mutanda
Visits to rural homesteads
Trek through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
Experience wondrous views from Nkuringo

Buniga Batwa Experience

The Batwa Experience is a historical drama acting by the Batwa Pygmy people of what their life used to be like in the forest. Highlights include learning about medicinal herbs, traditional shelters, fire making, honey harvesting, burial rituals, different types of snares, and more. The Batwa do not just demonstrate their culture for tourists, but also for their own children, so they strive for authenticity. The experience was designed by a professional anthropologist together with Batwa elders who had lived in the forest. Proceeds from the tour go to Batwa education and healthcare.

A day spent with the Batwa gives you the opportunity to enjoy the following;-

Hike in the forest with the forest people – the Batwa pygmies guide this trail and provide you chance to see the forest and its habitants through their eyes.
See how they lived and hunted in the traditional manner. You will have a go at how they hunted with a bow and arrow.
Visit their traditional homesteads and learn how they lived together in small spaces and what each hut represented.
You will learn about survival in the forest and each tree and scrub was of importance to them – as they depended on them for medicine.
Batwa were known for their dancing, and were always invited into the communities nearing the parks to entertain people, you will have chance to join in the dancing.

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