Busanga Plains Camp

Collide with nature on the Busanga Plains, one of the last truly unspoiled havens for wilderness in the world. Situated in the North of the Kafue National Park, the Camp is an exhilarating 6 hour drive from Mukambi Lodge, through the National Park. The Camp is seasonal due to the fact that it is in the flood plains, attracting animals all year round. To access the Camp, you will have to walk the last 100m on foot, crossing over a foot bridge to bypass a permanent water body.

The Plains camp features four luxurious tents nestled amongst the trees on one of many islands, providing ideal privacy. The dining area and extended walkway offer a majestic view of the remarkable "Two Fig" on the bordering island, while a campfire extends warmth in the chilled nights after supper and fresh mornings to watch the sunrise as the herds of lechwe graze. Enjoy a warm atmosphere in the dining area during meal times, with food and service fit for kings.

Spend your daylight hours with our exceptional guides while they lead you through the plains in search of all there is to see, including lion, cheetah, elephant, hippo, zebra, roan, sable, wildebeest, hartbeest, eland, buffalo, puku and an utterly endless array of birdlife and vegetation. Spend sundowners at one of several ideal locations and take in all the splendour of the Plains before dusk.

The Busanga Plains Camp offers the perfect balance between relaxation and excitement, and the staff are all on-site to make your stay as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. This is a true release from the 'hustle-and-bustle' of everyday life, and The Plains Camp allows you to thrive in the absence of civilisation in a way that can't be experienced anywhere else in the world.

The Plains Camp consists of 4 fully furnished luxury safari tents, each with an en-suite bathroom. 
Each tent can sleep 2 persons. The camp is located in the middle of the plains on an island and from your tent you have a perfect view on the plains and the marsh.

Busanga Plains Camp offers an intimate experience with nature in accommodation consisting of four luxury safari tents (2 twin and 2 double) with en-suite open air bathrooms and flushing toilets, each one overlooking the Busanga Plains. The tents are light, airy and spacious with large beds draped with mosquito nets. Experience the total peace of nature from your private veranda. Enjoy the glow of lantern lights on canvas walls and drift off to sleep to the sounds of the African night.

The camp is solar powered and all tents do have electricity.  Guests can charge the cameras and other small electrical equipment in the room.


Game Drive
Life in Mukambi Plains Camp begins quite early, where guests begin their day with a light breakfast before heading out into the wilderness to explore.

Guests are often spoilt for choice between game drives and walking safaris and both present unique opportunities for great animal encounters. Our game drives take place in the morning and in the afternoon/evening. Morning drives allow guests to head out and catch game still on the move during the cooler hours of the day. Midway through the drive there will be a brief stop to allow guests to stretch their legs and have some tea/coffee before continuing with he drive and heading back to camp.

Afternoon drives begin late afternoon once it is a bit cooler. This is usually when game begins to be more active providing a better chance of spotting some of the more elusive animals. The drive is also a combination of a night drive which offer an opportunity to spot some of the nocturnal animals found on the Plains. The guide will fire up his spotlight after sundowners and try and find the animals with it before heading back to camp.

Walking Safaris
Walking in the Busanga Plains is an experience like no other. The vastness and openness of the Plains makes for some great game viewing on foot. Game is allot easier to spot on the Plains and observe from a safe enough distance.

Walks are only done in the morning to avoid the heat of the day and generally last about 3hrs. Along the walks guides will educate their guests on the smaller aspects of the bush that they tend to miss whilst in a vehicle. As they walk they will also encounter a variety of game and the guide will keep guests safe and informed at all times.

A Night Under the Stars
If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that there are few things more humbling or awe-inspiring than gazing up into the vastness of a star-spangled night sky. Stepping outdoors to sleep beneath the stars has been known to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. And because sleep is one of the three major pillars of health, it only makes sense that slumbering in the great outdoors is something we should all try at least once in our lives.

Therefore we have built star-beds at Fig Tree Bush Camp/Busanga Plains Camp to give you a truly unique experience! The star-bed is on 4 meter platform with a railing and a mosquito net, at 2 meters high we have a flushing toilet and hand basin. Each platform will have a handheld radio and paraffin lamps for your safety and comfort. Guests can book the star-bed on arrival in camp at no extra costs.

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Where African Wildlife Thrives
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