Habitas Namibia

Habitas Namibia just may be the most unique and disruptive safari and wildlife experience in the world. Situated on a 47,000-hectare private estate only 45 minutes from Windhoek’s International Airport, Habitas Namibia has diverse natural habitats and hundreds of species including rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs, antelope, zebras, wildebeest and more. The lodge is one of the most unforgettable safari experiences attracting a new kind of global audience through immersive programming around the core pillars: adventure, conversation, music, wellness, culture and food. Habitas offers multi-sensory experiences where guests participate, engage and interact.

Tented Safari Rooms


Made from natural materials, each room is integrated into its environment and designed with comfort, sustainability and understated luxury in mind. Elevated above the savanna on top of the hill, each Safari Room features a private outdoor deck with sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding landscape that connect you to nature and decorated with local crafts and custom-made furnishings.

Game Drives & Bush Walks

Experience Namibia’s wildlife through safari drives led by our expert guides. Participate in animal tracking, walk through the bush and immerse into the natural surroundings of the Kalahari. Engaging safari experiences are designed for immersion, participation and discovery. Explore the savanna by day or night on guided nature walks, safari drives and mountain biking excursions. Stop for a culinary picnic along the way and catch glimpses of Namibia’s wildlife, including rhinos, giraffes and zebras.

Free Movement Class

Dance is rooted deeply in the culture of Namibia; we invite our guests to learn and join the locals in the art of self-expression through dance.


Gaze up at Namibia’s vast night sky and learn about how indigenous tribes navigate with constellations.

Bush Meditation

Practice stillness in the bush, surrounded by Namibia’s flora and fauna. We invite our guests to sit down, take a breath in and out and be present.

Savannah Yoga

Practice yoga overlooking the vast savannah landscapes.


Access an extraordinary state of consciousness using a two-stage breath over

the course of 45 minutes, enhancing creativity, clarity and confidence.

Sound Journey Meditation

Using local instruments Habitas leads sound meditations in beautiful natural spaces to allow each guest to connect with themselves, their surroundings and one another. Local instruments allow guest immersion into the local heritage and environment.

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