Olmara Camp

Olmara Camp by Entara has been established in the far eastern plains of the Serengeti, a remote and wildlife-filled pocket lying at the crossroads of the endless grassy plains and the woodlands. Olmara is the Maasai epithet for the cheetah, the great dotted cat, one of the most emblematic of the area's inhabitants.

Here in the Soit le Motonyi region, amongst the endless grassy savannah, dotted with gnarled acacia trees and weathered rocky outcrops, we find an unsurpassed display of predators and predator activity. Far from the busier central Serengeti, the area is unspoiled, silent, and remote. Apart from the cheetah for which the camp is named, the area teems with wildlife. Prides of lions and large packs of hyenas. Leopards range along the river valleys, and wooded hills, Serval cats hunt in the tall grass and Caracals at the base of kopjes. This expanse of the Serengeti is amongst the best places in the world to photograph large cats. The permanent water attracts herbivores en mass, elephants, giraffes, zebra, warthog, and many more which makes for an action-packed game experience. From Seronera airstrip, the road transfer can take up to 1.5 hours – heading into the ‘empty’ landscape ahead, where the sky meets the horizon. The dining and lounge area is located in the center of the camp, the meeting point for exciting stories and meals by the campfire. Share your experiences with friends and family with the satellite WiFi connection. The camp itself is permanently positioned throughout the year. Freshwater is collected from wells within the national park and solar panels provide the electricity for lighting and camp operations. Careful attention on environmentally-friendly water drainage and habitat impact. Each tented suite is spaced for privacy.

Olmara camp offers eight tents designed to merge with the eco-environment, all under canvas, and with expansive views of the wilderness ahead. Each tented suite contains a lounge cove with comfortable couches and coffee table, dressing area with handcrafted cupboards, net-draped king-size bed with bedside tables and lamps, writing desks, full-length wall mirror, and soft carpets, laid over teak floors to wander along. The suite flows into an ensuite shower, double hand basins, and a flushing toilet. The camp is open, with no borders or rails, the wildlife comes and goes. Stay alert, eyes open; this is the Serengeti.

With its isolated location, the camp takes full advantage of the African night skies. Two tents have been designed as ‘star domes’; large open-rooftops where you may comfortably recline on large cushions and fall asleep beneath a natural planetarium. The evenings are beautiful with the borderless flow of clarity from the glowing moon to glittering stars, flickering planets, and a swish of the milky way: the vast, seemingly emptiness beyond stretched out for infinity; glorious and mesmerizing. To the sound of the early dawn choir, the cap wakes for another day for discovery, the Serengeti beckons for another day of exploration and adventure. Two tents welcome families of up to four, inter-connected suites with a private lounge to kick back, read, chat, write or play games.


Solar power, with generator back up

Battery-charging facilities

WIFI available


As for activities, Olmara offers game drives, walking safaris, and hot air balloon rides.

Game drives will take place twice daily, over the savanna of Soit le Motonyi and close to the acacia woodlands that border the rolling plains. 

Wildlife you can expect to see here includes all the big cats – lion, leopard, and cheetah – in addition to Serval, elephant, giraffe, zebra, warthog, and hyena. 

Please note, if you are a family with children aged under 12 years, you will need to book a private vehicle at extra cost.

Walking safaris will be available for travelers aged 12 years and over, conducted in a beautiful and remote river valley. Our walks aim to bring you close to all things, large the small, hippo pods in river pools, fig encrusted kopjes, or the life of the insects.

And if you think you would appreciate a bird's eye view of this spectacular part of the Serengeti, we recommend taking it to the skies in a hot air balloon.

This activity will begin at about 6 in the morning, in the Seronera area. Your ride will last for 1–2 hours, and you will descend to a champagne bush breakfast – a special treat.

*This property is unfenced and located in a wildlife area, potentially dangerous animals roam through. Please be alert when walking around the camp. All guests are escorted after dark, and children as a matter of course.

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