Camp Kipwe

Camp Kipwe is an intimate and remote bush lodge located in Namibia's arid yet starkly beautiful Twyfelfontein region, home to many ancient Bushman etchings. The 9 specially-designed bungalow rooms are unique and private, with an outdoor bathroom, thatched roofs and spectacular views over the surrounding area. There’s also 3 luxury thatched suites with a lounge equipped with air-conditioning, a satellite television, a double room with en-suite bathroom, laundry service and a mini-bar.

Camp Kipwe offers guided nature walks around the Twyfelfontein Conservancy, as well as trips to see the Bushman etchings, the mysterious Organ Pipes and Burnt Mountain. For a very special experience, an Elephant Nature Drive is a must-do; explore the terrain in search of these elusive desert-dwelling elephants who have adapted to the dry and sandy conditions of northern Namibia.

Camp Kipwe's scattering of bungalows nestled within the massive boulders complete this eco friendly camp. There are 12 rooms total, which are beautifully designed and well appointed with ensuite facilities. Two rooms feature an adjacent Children's Tent. Children age 3 - 12 are accommodated in a children’s tent or on camping beds in the room with their parents at a special child rate. Please note that Mowani Mountain Camp have a limited number of camping beds. Special meal times and food preferences are to be advised in advance for adequate preparations to be made to accommodate the requests.


9 twin-bedded rooms are in the shape of rondavels and have boulder, cement and rock walls ensuring that on entry, they feel like a cool secluded cave, and offer outside decks to admire the view. The en-suite, open air private bathrooms are built amongst the rocks, allowing guests to take advantage of our outdoor weather. Hot water is supplied by wood-burning ‘donkey’ boilers and solar hot water heaters.

Luxury Suites

3 luxury thatched suites are elevated and have spectacular views, each boasts air conditioning, a private lounge equipped with a satellite television and minibar with drinks included. Each suite features a large double room with king size bed, the room opens up onto an en-suite open air bathroom with a lovely bath area, as well as a private heated plunge pool and veranda.


* Guided game drives in open 4x4 vehicles

* Excursions to UNESCO World Heritage Site Twyfelfontein to see ancient rock engravings

* Excursion to see geological marvels, Burnt Mountain, Petrified Forest, and Organ Pipes

* Self guided nature walks and guided walking safaris (subject to guide availability)

* Option to visit the Living Damara Museum to experience the local tribes' culture & heritage. 

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