Onduli Ridge

Onduli Ridge, named after the resident giraffe of the area, is built at the base of two south facing granite outcrops which are connected by a ridge. This location allows for magnificent views of Namibia’s highest mountain, the Brandberg, to the south and the dispersed cathedral-like granite inselbergs to the north. The six suites are hidden amongst the granite boulders that nestle the camp and the more temperate climate of central Damaraland allows for naturally ventilated suites, partial open-air bathrooms and largely open communal areas. The camp is designed to maximise the views of this most extraordinary landscape and every space becomes a viewpoint whether from the bed, the desk or the bathroom. Louvered shutters can be opened completely, blurring the lines between the indoors and nature, or closed for complete privacy if required. A king size bed cooled by its own ‘climate conditioner’ (Evening Breeze) is also the perfect place for afternoon siestas and the bed can be rolled out onto your private deck for a night under a billion stars as required. The camp exudes character and meticulous attention to detail meeting all requirements, from large rooms to libraries, rain showers, infinity pool and plenty of places to relax. Food to tantalize the palate after enjoying exceptional activities combines a genuinely unforgettable stay with exceptional quality while blending effortlessly into the natural surroundings.

Onduli Ridge has six en-suite rooms, each naturally ventilated with partial open-air bathrooms - what more could you ask for in the desert? Each room also has handy shutters that can be opened for a stunning view and cooling breeze, or kept closed to enjoy the privacy at this secluded site. Your king size bed can also be rolled onto a private deck for a night spent under the stars.

Namibia is filled with scenic spots but it's Damaraland that really shines. Rugged and mysterious, enjoying a game drive, nature walk or bikes + E-bike ride is definitely a winning idea. With the likes of desert-adapted elephants, giraffe, leopard and lion, there's also plenty to see in the animal kingdom and landmarks like the Brandberg and Doros Crater top the list of worthwhile sights. Nearby Twyfelfontein is home to an incredible rock art 'gallery' and the petrified forest makes for some pretty epic photos.