Kisima Ngeda Camp

Set in a thick stand of doum palm and fever tree forest on a 100-hectare farm, Kisima Ngeda camp overlooks the seasonal Lake Eyasi. An inviting natural spring boils out of the rocks just meters away from the mess area. To the back, a rocky granite hill forms a dramatic backdrop to the camp. Many come here to simply relax in a quiet, remote, and beautiful setting.

The main lodge area is built with beautiful wooden floors and palm-thatch roofs. It consists of a Cozy Bar & lounge area with cushioned, bench-seated nooks, a perfect place to relax before dinner. The adjoining dining room is where meals are served, with an expansive view of the lake. Food is delicious and wholesome. The cuisine combines organic and seasonal produce from the best local producers with only essentials imported. All our meals are freshly prepared and homemade, including bread and ice cream. The chefs hail from the surrounding community and undergo training a few times a year to update their skills and inspire new menus.

Eight palm-thatched tented chalets on wooden decks blend into the forest. In each, a spacious furnished veranda leads to the bedroom, which features a king-size bed and a comfy armchair. Behind the living area is the en-suite bathroom, with a walk-in shower and a separate loo. Staff will heat water for your shower through a traditional Tanganyika boiler heated by palm fronds. The decor pays tribute to the indigenous people in brass coil lampshades and handcrafted metal-framed mirrors.


Kisima Ngeda Camp provides access to a wide range of guided activities.

In the surrounding hills live the Hadza people, whose traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle has survived into the modern era, against all odds. Guided tours from From Kisima Ngeda, venture into the depth of Hadza country for a deeper understanding of their culture.

For those that wish to have a deeper learning experience, Kisima Ngeda arranges fly camping expeditions escorted by Hadza people. These trips venture into the beautiful wilderness areas in which the Hadza live, hunt, and gather, along with their neighbors, the intriguing Datoga people, fiercely traditional pastoralists that roam the region with the cattle herds. 

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