Mana River Camp

Mana River Camp is positioned on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River nestled between this enormous perennial river and a much visited water pan, particularly enjoyed by elephants for mud bathing. Shade in the camp is provided by riverine forest predominately Trichilia Emetica and the fabled Anna Tree.

The beauty of this camp is that it is a mobile tented camp known as a TEC – Temporary Extended Camp. The whole camp is taken down at the end of each season, before the wet season begins. This gives the feeling of the old, real bush, camping experience. The camp is unfenced and many different animals may be viewed from the camp, while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. Common visitors into camp are elephants.



There are 6 tents in camp. Each tent is a 3-module Sahara lodge, canvas and gauze tent, with zipped entrances. The tents all have a view of the Zambezi River, and comprises of a veranda, with a folding chair. The sleeping area has twin single beds which can be converted to king-size on request, hotel quality linen and towels, and bedside tables. There is a table with a thermos of cold drinking water and glasses. The bathroom area has a flushing toilet, hot and cold shower, heated with chip boilers. There is a mirrored vanity with a porcelain basin and cold running water. A hot water flask is delivered each evening for washing in the morning. The usual amenities are supplied for your comforts i.e. shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and hand washing powder for personal laundry. The tent is powered with inverter and solar lighting system. There is no charging facility in the tent. This can be done in the main area.

Walking Safaris

Morning and/or late afternoon game walks. Mana River Camp offers the perfect environment in which to immerse yourself in nature by enjoying walking safaris. Walking safaris are particularly special in the Mana Pools National Park as the Zimbabwean guides are exceptionally experienced and highly regarded due to Zimbabwe's stringent examination procedures. On your walk, your safari guide will draw your attention to the details that form part of a bigger story, such as beetles, animal droppings, scents, sounds and spoor.

Open vehicle game drives

Game drives take place in the mornings and late afternoons along the floodplains and game rich river banks where there is a high concentration of wildlife. You will explore the floodplains surrounding the camp where the Albida trees attract various wildlife due to the source of excellent protein they provide. These trees are the reason the elephants have adapted to standing on their hind legs to stretch up and reach the delicacies of these Albida trees, especially in the dry season.


The Zambezi River and the floodplains are the main attractions for birds and birders but the diversity of habitats offers many more bird viewing opportunities. With over 380 species of birds recorded Mana Pools is an excellent birding destination. Although birding is good year-round it is at its best when the migratory birds are present from November to April.


Mana Pools is often referred to as a photographers dream. No matter what time you travel the unspoiled landscapes and wildlife offer spectacular photo opportunities. To add to the natural beauty at certain times of the year the light in the Zambezi valley is unique. At different times of the day you can take advantage of the dramatic lighting. These light tones go from golden glows of warm reds, yellows and oranges and then at other times the softer, cooler blue lights add to the depth of your images.

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Real Riverside Safari
Stay 3 nights / Pay 2
* Valid for May 1-Jun 30, 2023