Esirai Mobile Camp

At Elsirai, you rise early surrounded by the sounds of the African bush; your tent attendant already left freshly brewed coffee and tea on your veranda. The golden morning light paints the savannah as we lazily take in the majestic beauty that surrounds us. Esirai Mobile Migration Camp is a real out of Africa experience. Small and intimate, Esirai encompasses only six guest tents and shifts each season following the great migration.

Esirai strikes a careful balance between being light and mobile enough to reach the best and most secluded wildlife location, providing all of the services that discerning travelers expect on safari. When the herds of the migration move along their ancient route, the Esirai camp follows, leaving only a minimal ecological footprint.

Days in camp draw to a close with a sundowner drink in hand, watching the setting sun, followed by a hearty dinner made by your private chef, and stories shared around the roaring campfire before retiring to the tent for a night’s sleep, to the lullaby of roaring lions.

The camp allows for the ultimate freedom and flexibility. The rhythm of each day is different. We can head out early unto the plains soaking up the energy of a new dawn. Climb to the top of a remote rocky outcrop for a privileged view of the short grass plains and enjoy a luxurious breakfast. The dedicated camp team will plan with you each day, offering all the possible flexibility to make sure that you achieve the best wildlife experiences.

Southern Serengeti: Dec-Mar and Northern Serengeti: Jun-Oct

Six large en-suite tents comprise the camp, all with wide comfy beds, a spacious dining area with a free bar, a separate and cozy lounge tent with a solar charging station, and solar lighting throughout. A home away from home in the middle of the bush.

Private Fly Camp

Exclusive light camp comprised of (up to) 4 mobile star gazing tents: Thick comfy bedrolls on a ground sheet. Toilet enclosure set aside with short drop toilets. Dining around the fire. Shower enclosure deployed on walks and more.

Esirai Mobile Migration Camp

Dedicated Guide, Game Drives, Guided Bush Walks, Sundowners and Fly Camping.

Fly camping and walking are weather dependant by nature. We operate fly camping year round, however, in the rainy season there are higher chances of rain. The final call about the operation of fly-camping excursions lies with the guide in camp.

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