Feline Fields Glamp Camp

Located in a private setting within the Khwai Concession, Feline Fields Khwai Camp provides guests with an intimate setting within nature. The campsite features already set up tents, which are spacious and comfortable in design, featuring an en-suite bathroom and twin or double beds.

Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the campsite beautiful dinner tent with a menu inspired by French-Italian cuisine. There is 6 people in the staff just for you, chef, housekeeper, waiter, guides and so on.. While staying at the camp, guests can enjoy twice-daily game drives to explore the Khwai concession area, with sightings of lion, leopard, hyena, elephant and more. 



The spacious and romantic Bell tents (5m diameter) have comfortable double or twin beds with real duvets, pillows and mattresses. Each tent is furnished with carpets , shelves, chairs and bedside tables. In winter a small gas heater is provided.

All tents have an en-suite bathroom with flushing toilet, basin, and a large bucket shower.
In front of the tent is a Seligna wooden deck, with two comfortable safari chairs.

Game drive

The focus of this mobile safaris is blending into the environment with the camp geared towards an eco-friendly use of the natural environment. Wildlife sightings are excellent with the wildlife being more comfortable around the smaller scale of a mobile tented camp. The intimate bush camp allows you to immerse yourself in the African bush, uninterrupted by the distractions of the modern world.

Guided walk

Walking safaris in Botswana are completely different to game drives. It’s a great way to appreciate the smaller wildlife, which can’t be so easily seen from a vehicle, as well as to experience the buzz of being out with the big game.

Away from the comfort of the 4WD safari vehicle your senses suddenly awaken as the bush becomes more ‘real’. Your safari guide will usually identify tracks, highlight interesting insects, talk about fascinating plants and discuss the ecosystem in general, as well as tracking some of the larger animals.
Getting to know the flora and fauna of the bush gives a more holistic understanding of the ecosystem and, therefore, a greater appreciation of the place you are visiting.

While venturing out into the bush without the protection of a vehicle may seem like unnecessary exposure to prowling predators, in reality, safaris on foot are just as safe as in a vehicle. Guides go through extensive wilderness and safety training and are armed wherever a possible threat might lurk.

Mokoro trip

A Mokoro ride in the Delta is an absolute "must-do" activity among guests who travel to Botswana. Some people describe a mokoro trip as one of the most peaceful experiences they have had. It is an opportunity to fully experience the sounds and sights of nature without running the risk of scaring off animals with a motor. It is a highly recommended expedition for photographers.

Guides that command mokoro are highly knowledgeable about the environment and as such these trips are considered safe and enjoyable. Guests sit in front of a trained guide and oarsman, who stands firm at the boat’s stern, manually propelling the vessel with a ngashi pole, whittled from the branches of terminalia trees.

Once carved out of ancient Delta trees, mokoros are now made from environmentally friendly fibreglass. Encounter grazing herds of rare swamp-dwelling sitatunga and red lechwe antelope, as well as elephants that tower over islands fringed with palms. Watch in awe as these majestic beasts submerge neck-deep, swimming through a network of reeds inhabited by tiny frogs of all colors, all under the watchful eye of the elegant African fish eagle.


There are about 70 fish species in the Okavango Delta. Common species include Tilapia, Bass and Bream, although many anglers go after the ferocious river-bred Tiger Fish, found in some lagoons and where the Okavango River feeds into the Delta. The African Pike is another great fighting fish, but you'll also be able to catch huge Catfish into the bargain.

We supply some basic equipment but for the avid angler it is best to bring your own gear (mainly light tackle is recommended). Fishing by law in the Delta is protected by a 'catch and release' system.

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The Best of all Worlds
Combine with the lodge for a free night!
* Stay 3 nights at each Feline Fields and receive an extra night at the lodge, plus transfers. 

Honeymooners - enjoy 20% off your stay.